How to Choose Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories. In addition to protecting your eyes, sunglasses are an important fashion accessory. Choosing the right sunglasses to suit the shape of your face, your style and needs can be difficult. Therefore we provide a few easy steps to help you find the right pair of glasses for you.

1) Determine your face shape:

To select the shape glasses that most suit you, you must first determine your face shape. Different forms glasses suit the different shapes of persons. The desired effect is balanced appearance, so choose glasses, the shape of which is opposite to the shape of your face.

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Best Sports to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

Losing weight through exercise and practice are often far more effective than losing weight by eating less. If you want to exercise to lose weight, you should primarily a form of exercise you choose. Moreover, it is good to see how many calories you burn with different ways of moving. By combining strength and endurance, you can take full advantage of the body’s energy needs. Losing weight is done by using more energy than you take in. Simply put, it means: eat less and exercise more. Regular exercise can also help a lot if you want to lose weight. In addition, there are some points to consider any form of movement or sport has the same effect if you want to lose weight.

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Sigg Thermos Bottle Review

The Sigg thermos Thermo bottle is for those looking for the perfect equipment for the urban jungle. In the Unmistakable Sigg design and with an innovative Cup provided, she will accompany you stylishly through your daily life. Even carbonated drinks are no problem. We have tested it for you.

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How to Improve Fishing Skills

Karp legend Ian Russell explains how improving your light installations will catch more fish.

When it comes to installations, I believe that using montages that quickly turned and driven into the mouth of the Carp. I know many sharandzhii not believe in tests of hand, but I think that testing the installation is priceless. I know that your hand does not recreate exactly carp mouth, but is a good way to understand whether the hook will turn and plunge quickly or not. Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of assemblies and presentations, but most believe my Long Shang fitting that I use over and over again. I do not think it was a coincidence that this is one of the most effective  rigs for fishing for carp when you pull on your hand. It is important to mention that when a test assembly must pulling on his hand.

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Bike Expo

Road: Bernt Johansson, Susanne Ljungskog and Fredrik Ericsson-just a few of the subjects you can listen to our interview at the scene on the big bike exhibition Sweden Bike Expo in Kista weekend. Additionally, you can win a bike at our booth.

Bicyclings program Saturday, November 15

At 10:00 am  Thomas Löfkvist, Three Mountains Three Mountains is a major new initiative in cycling-perhaps the biggest ever. At 11:00 Marcus Lofjord Marcus has for years written about injuries, pain, naprapathy and bikefit in Bicycling. What are the most common defects of cyclists? How do we manage them best? Or better yet, how can v avoid them?  At 12.00 Johnnie Krigström and Mattias Särnholm Johnnie and Mattias operates TV programs Room service and Sofia Angels. But they also have a great interest in cycling where the headline is satisfaction and joy. Johnnie has for years participated in several races, and he is also a great friend of the dark and studded cycling. Mattias is more MTB-minded and happy to hang in Åre and Järvsö. Since a few years, he is also the major force behind the Fairfield BMX track.

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Dynamo Flashlight Reviews

He appeared a few years ago and first sold in specialized stores (Nature and discoveries…), the dynamo lamps are now increasingly common and many shop offer including the Internet. But what about these products: gadgets or equipment really useful? Ecowizz an update relying as always on notice that you left on our Facebook page!

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Down Sleeping Bag Reviews

Down sleeping bag test: bulk and weight

With 573 grams of Robens Pamir 250 is a truly ultra-light sleeping bag. This makes it even almost 60 grams lighter than the comparable Cumulus LiteLine 200 XL. This isolated by a 260g strong down fill, but which has a slightly better quality of 850 cubic inches.

With supplied compression bag is not exactly lightweight. He brings 56 grams on the scale, but is it waterproof. Nevertheless, I have this to replace the 23g lightweight 8 liters DryBag of Sea-to-Summit. Also waterproof, this weighs less than half.

Although the duck down in Robens Pamir 250 with 700 fill power do not have the highest fill power, allows the sleeping bag to compress very well . When packed his pack size is only 16cm in diameter and 25cm in length. Thus, the 8-liter DryBag at full compression is not completely filled. In order not to unnecessarily reduce the load on down, I take the 8 liters but completely.

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Martial Arts for Stress Relief

In the busy society nowadays everyone knows what it is to have stress. To deal with this stress will be different options, picking a small terrace with a girlfriend to blow off steam, the other dives zn bed and since that day not to come out, and another flight, fitness center to save themselves from stress there ….. Martial Arts is perfect for it, you get a fit body and a sharp mind. But what martial???

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Sports Abbreviations

There are many sports abbreviations to mention. Most countries have professional leagues or government agencies dedicated to sport, all with initials.

DAMS means Driot-Arnoux Motorsport.

LNFS means LNFS.

UEFA means Union of European Football Associations.

QMMF means Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation.

FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association.

RFEA means Royal Spanish Athletics Federation.

FIWC means FIFA Interactive World Cup.

NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association.

PAOK means Panthessalonikeios Athlitikos Omilos Konstantinoupoliton.

IBBIKE means Cycling Federation of the Balearic Islands.

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Where to Buy Big Mens Shoes

Do you find it hard to find shoes in your shoe size in the shops? Supply of big men’s shoes inis usually right. There is a greater supply of men/killskor in large sizes in online shops. We inform here about a few webshops selling men’s shoes in size 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 and 56.

The list below is sorted alphabetically. Reservation is given for any changes in the stores’ offerings, terms etc.

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