Tribulus or Creatine to Improve Muscle Performance

Many of us use food supplements help to improve outcomes of our trainings and take advantage of the weight training sessions. Within the range of complements the creatine It is one of the most used, but many of us have begun to replace it by the Tribulus, a complement of 100% natural origin.

Both plug-ins are designed to improve our training and get a series of effects in our body, although the origin of both is very different as well as many of its qualities, this is why we are going to do a review for their pros and cons: Continue reading

Arginine, Amino Acid Involved in Muscle Growth

I’ve heard a lot of people in the gym on a supplement that helps to have more force and increase the strength. It is of the arginine, an essential amino acid that we obtain through food and that has on our body a vasodilatory effect important.

Many people seeking to increase their muscle mass uses arginine to achieve it, and is that its effects are very important, since one of its main functions is the be a strong energizing our agency through different mechanisms that triggers in our bodies, and in response we are going to give in training. Continue reading

Genetics Would Cover Athletes Cheats to Hide Doping

There are many substances that use some athletes so its effect collaborate in its sports performance, and as a result, best results.

But the Doping has always believed as something useless, since even though help, at the time of analysis the trap is clarified.

However, a study conducted in Sweden with 55 normal and healthy men found that in some individuals the Genetics helps athletes cheats. Continue reading

Possible Side Effects of Creatine

The creatine It is a regular supplement in the diet of many athletes, and is that it can be an ally and help us increase our strength and endurance when it comes to sporting activity, although there are some points about it which we must take into account.

The benefits provided by the creatine we all know plenty. It is a substance that we obtain through food, mainly meat, and that occurs in our liver. Although another way to get it is through of Add-ins that increase its concentration in the body and enhance their effects. But its intake can bring side effects. Continue reading

More about Creatine

Found me very interesting the video Consumer Eroski Foundation has done on creatine. Well what is said, what is used and whether it has or not benefits.

Oral creatine supplementation is common especially in gym where people say “wants to be strong” in a short time and doing as little as possible.

Is true that creatine (in the form of phosphocreatine), having a group phosphate, can transfer it to an ADP molecule and turn it into ATP, the universal currency of body energy. In this way more creatine means more energy and therefore more resistance in a high intensity exercise and short duration, such as weight lifting. Continue reading

Alkaline Creatine, a Twist to Conventional Creatine

The wide variety of nutritional supplements for athletes is, and increasingly are new products that promise to help us the most muscle development. An example of this is the alkaline creatine, an improved variety of regular creatine.

Many are supporters of this plugin, and it is that numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of creatine in people looking to increase its muscle through exercise, although there are many who do not feel these effects. For this reason, and to increase the effectiveness of creatine conventional, has developed the alkaline creatine that promises to be more effective and act directly on muscles. Continue reading

Some Risks of Treatments with Steroids

When summer comes and with the excuse of the operation bikini and show off a perfect body on the beach, many people are those that decide to lend hand in steroids to achieve that desired body. In fact, despite being illegal, get substances to carry it out is relatively easy and many people are those who succumb, and increasingly younger. So in this post we want to review some of the effects that this type of treatment can have on our body. Continue reading

Traffic Kills 1.9 Thousand Cyclists Per Year

Six years ago, on August 19, cyclist Pedro Davidson was a fatal victim of a driver in the Federal District. Since then, Brazil has celebrated National Cyclist Day to warn of the thousands of cyclist deaths every year in the country. The Map of Violence in 2014 shows that of 46,051 deaths in transportation accidents in Brazil, 1,930 were cyclists. Continue reading

With Wings on the Feet

Bernardo Cruz, do not disappoint and climb to the podium again

Hermes, the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, also had as the god of athletes must be patron of the athlete of downhill Bernardo Cruz endowed him with the ability to fly low. It is not today that we all know that this Mary, one of the largest athletes in the Mountain Bike Downhill Brazilian, seems to have wings on the feet. Or better, on the pedals. Continue reading