How to Clean The Different Accessories on Your Bike

Saddle, doorbell, rear view mirror, tires, chain, pedals, mudguards, reflectors, handles, basket, helmet, tank bags. Your bike is more than a spinning frame and two wheels! Especially if pedals every day, a regular cleaning of the bike and its accessories ensures that it lasts longer and in good condition.

If from that side you are thinking “what a hassle!”, The following guide promises to make this task easier. Before you begin gathers the essentials: bucket, large bowl, sponges, bristle brush or old toothbrush, neutral detergent, degreaser and lubricant suitable for your bike and rubber gloves. Get to work? Continue reading

A Corner Of China By Bike

Continuation of the project “2 corners of the world 2 wheels”, stage in china of the trip by bicycle through Asia and Africa by Anais and Nicolas.

Returns to the previous stage in Kyrgyzstan , the next step in Vietnam and the other stages inAsia

And discover the list of equipment used for this bike trip with the advice and advice of Anais and Nicolas

Descent to the Gorges du Saut du Tigre Continue reading

Gradually the Excuses not to Ride a Bicycle are Getting More and More Scarce

Gradually the excuses not to ride a bicycle are getting more and more scarce. Some large urban centers are valuing this means of transport, seeing in it the most viable and interesting exit for mobility problems.

And the inauguration of the Avenida Paulista cycleway in a Paulo on June 28 was a landmark for the city – and why not, for the country? – on this subject.

However, there is one factor that makes most people think twice before riding on the streets: rain. If added to the cold, then it makes people not even consider taking the skin off the garage. Continue reading

How About Bike Travel?

Since its emergence in the 70’s, cycling has gained an enormous amount of fans and in that time has evolved in relevant proportions.

The love of pedaling is what moves cyclists towards this practice that ends up arousing the adventurous spirit of cyclists even though it is not within competitive circuits.

Cycling is undoubtedly the best alternative for those who enjoy practicing a pleasurable and at the same time quiet physical activity compared to other practical options that you can perform with the bike.

Whether it’s a short bike ride on a serene country road or an extensive and difficult journey, cycling is synonymous with personal accomplishment. Continue reading

What is The Best Place For the Cyclist on The Street?

It is quite common for the cyclist to squeeze into the gutter by pedaling around the city. The constant (and somewhat threatening) movement of the other vehicles makes them feel as safe as farther down the street. However, this is an instinctive thought – and instinct is not always more valuable than reason.

Cycloativist William Cruz gives an effective tip on the Go Bike site: walk the 1/3 line of the track. That is, about 90 centimeters from the gutter, but the precise number depends on the width of the strip. The rationale behind the idea is as clear as it is unusual. Continue reading

Bike Trails – Discover This Pleasure

Nowadays, some factors have driven more and more cyclists to the sport in nature, such as the numerous accidents involving cyclists on urban roads as well as pollution and the lack of existing bicycle paths in the urban environment.

Track biking is a style that has grown significantly since the 1980s and today has several groups of riders who make rides, plan trips and even produce courses in the area. One of them was consecrated by the famous Paulo Tarsus that analyzing the evolution that this modality was reaching over the years ended up founding the Sampa Bikers in the city of São Paulo. Continue reading

Why Bicycle is the Means of Transportation That Makes People Happier

Interest in bicycles has increased a lot in Brazil in recent years. The cities have been equipped with cycle paths and cycle paths to promote the coolest means of transportation of the moment.

This is great for cities. Bicycles are a much more interesting means of transportation for the community than other private vehicles. Space is spared, it neutralizes the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere and promotes health.

In addition, people who opt for the skinny are happier than those who choose other means of transportation. This is indicated by a study published in the journal Transportation. Continue reading

When I Decided to Participate in The Ride

When I decided to participate in the Ride, did you know that Brazil would face a great challenge, but I had no notion that it would also be one of the characters of an epic story of professional mountain biking.

The Brazil Ride is a competition that has set a new goal for sportsmen. With duration of 7 days, 602 km route, in a magnificent setting open trails at the time of the 18th-century diamond mining in the State of Bahia.

The Brazil Ride was held between two cities located in the Chapada Diamantina. The first of these was Mucugê, town history located in the heart of the Plateau, listed by heritage in 1998 by stopping 58% of the Chapada Diamantina National Park.

The other city, Rio de Contas, created in 1745, was the first planned city of Brazil, considered the main ecological pole of Bahia. Continue reading

The Mountain Biking

The mountain biking, or mountain biking, is a physically demanding sport. It’s great to keep in shape and still be outdoors in contact with nature. Get started in this sport may seem difficult at first, but with dedication and training can-if evolution in short time.

The development of basic skills of learning, in small portions, can be the ideal approach to form the beginning of contact with the sport.

Some tips for those who want to start:

1 – safety: The mountain biking is a sport that can be dangerous. Safety must be your first concern. Buy a good helmet and use it correctly is required item. The gloves are also important. Earlier fatally will occur some fall, the gloves will protect your hands from abrasions and other bruises, as well as give you more security to keep a steady hand on the handlebars. Continue reading

Are You in Favor of Helmet For Cyclists?

Until recently, I had no doubt that the helmet was an indisputable necessity equipment for those who ride a bicycle. What made me rethink the subject was a New York Times article titled To Encourage Biking, Cities Lose the Helmets (“to encourage cycling, cities give up helmets”). By tapping my eye on the title of the text, I have already twisted my nose – an incentive not to wear a helmet? As well? I, who on my pedals always applied the judicious look to each cyclist who takes his head naked without any protection, started the reading somewhat afraid. Continue reading

Bike Indoor – Pedaling in Classes “Indoor”

We will comment on the following topics on indoor biking: initial adjustments,posture,hydration,clothing,adequate footwear and some other important items for you to venture out and enjoy very,this is a super exciting class,great for burning calories and great for training your “breath”.

Those who train in gym should have seen,heard and even made a class of this type,called various names: Bike,Indoor Bike,Cycle and even Spinning (save the latter). In short,it is a class that stimulates the heartbeat through a special stationary bike (which does not move).

It emerged in 1989 and its precursor is Jonathan Goldberg,or Johnny G as it is best known. He came to replace Aerobic Gymnastics (much choreographed) and Step (more choreographed) classes.

Soon it fell in the sympathy of many students,for being a simple class (anyone can pedal,even those who have never climbed on a common bicycle),easy to learn,adaptable to all levels of conditioning,with incredible results and much more safe Than a bicycle on the street. Continue reading