Responds: Different Types of Rubber Bands

The rubber bands are one of the devices that most help us when it comes to toning at home workouts and when we leave travel. Having a few rubber bands is a good solution, and we have always recommended them therefore at HowStuffWorks. We already know that there are plenty of exercises to work on different parts of the body, although this time we will not stop there, but let’s see the different types of rubber bands that we have at our disposal on the market. Continue reading

The Flexibility Of The Campers

For who doesn’t know, the camper is a module that has many built-in features that a motorhome or trailer features: Bed, bathroom, sink, kitchen, etc. However this module is usually bound in the back of pick ups or similar vehicles, giving greater mobility and comfort for the traveler, and can be uncoupled from the vehicle as soon as you get to your destination, leaving the vehicle again free to explore the area or the points of interest in the region.

Camper Duaron Continue reading

Golite Shangri-La 3

Until recently, I was still owned by a GoLite Shangri-La 3. This tent is very popular with many light-hunters. If you take your trekking sticks instead of the tent pole, you have enough space for two people for less than one kilogram.

Why Did I Sell The Shangri-La 3?

I must confess that I bought the Shangri-La 3 just for a single tour with my cousin as I did not have a shelter with the requirements for this tour. My intention was to sell this tent again after the tour. Nevertheless, I would like to share in a very short article my few experiences with the Shangri-La 3. Continue reading

Responds: Exercises to Train at Home, The Abdominals

There are many people who barely have time to attend training at the gym. For these people it is sometimes difficult to follow a workout routine, that is why we have wanted to carry out a series of posts in which we will describe some Basic exercises to train the body in our own House. All the exercises are aimed to keep your body toned and in perfect condition with the means we have at our disposal at home. On this occasion we will begin with the abdominal. Continue reading

Sea To Summit Throws The Thermal Insulation Ultralight

This is for anyone who loves a novelty in the outdoor market.

The Sea to Summit has just released a line of thermal insulators that can revolutionize the nights of sleep. With 5 cm high, a hyper volume low and a super weight acceptable theInsulators Ultralight certainly here to stay. Only the price, which of course is expensive or, I didn’t say that, I’d say it’s compatible with the quality of innovation that the STS offers.

Are two models of insulators, the Ultralight Mat and theUltralight Insulated Mat, the second a little more bulky and heavy due to an extra layer of insulation. Continue reading

Overview: Ultralight Tents And Tarps

The accommodation is one of the most important equipment during trekking. There are people who wander only from hut to hut and can usually renounce a mobile accommodation. Since I do not belong to this category and prefer to sleep relatively natural, this accommodation is all the more important! Light housing is available on the market. Therefore, in this article, there is a brief overview of the most common types.

The Classic Double Wall Tent

There are many tents with a double wall construction. Most of them are not easy because they require a lot of fabric because of the construction. But there are also light representatives of this genus. Terra Nova manufactures double wall tents such as the Laser Ultra 1  (approx. 500 g) from Cuben Fiber. The best comfort / weight ratio is probably the double-walled Tarptents of the same named Henry Shires cottage. But also Vaude has such tents as the Power Tokee UL (826g) weighing under one kilo in its program. Nevertheless, this category tent still belongs to the heaviest of its kind. The advantages of double tents are already known from the usual camping tents. They are usually simple to build up, condensation does not accumulate in the inner tent, which is why they do not drip directly onto the head or sleeping bag and they offer an all-round protection against natural forces. Continue reading

Muscle Confusion to Keep Growing

More than once we have heard that muscle has memory and some truth is hidden in this statement since our muscles adapt to a stimulus if repeated over time, not demand improvement and growth, therefore, movements become automatic and little intense.

A great help to keep growing is the principle of muscle confusion raised by Weider, which raises the need for change and surprise our body so that muscle does not get used but always receives stimuli for progress in bodybuilding routine. Continue reading

The First Camp With My Son-By Victor De Martino

Submitted by: Victor De Martino
Site History: Mountain region of Rio de Janeiro
Date of the story: February 2016
Long before Arthur was born, I was planning to take him to camp. All my life I heard my father telling numerous stories of camp in your youth, all filled with adventures and unexpected situations, which later yielded great laughs at the dinner table.Unfortunately, for various reasons that don’t fit here, until today we can’t go camping together. Maybe now we can, three generations at once. Anyway, I really wanted to give my son that experience, mainly because of five reasons why understand that everyone should take their sons and daughters for camping: Continue reading

The Out For Outdoor Jackets With Membrane?

For years, we have been thinking that jackets with membrane are the only product for outdo use. Like many others, I used this machine a few years ago. Meanwhile, hardly a jacket without a diaphragm is sold. When a customer goes to the outdoor store to buy a jacket, the brand name of the largest membrane manufacturer is considered the sales argument par excellence. But times change! Continue reading

The 10 Best Exercises for Your Oblique

Recalling the votes that we dejasteis when I asked which was the part of the body masculine who most liked you are going to talk about a famous muscle group, the abdominals, and within this group of a particular party the obliques, ultimately have thought in show you are the 10 best exercises for your oblique.

We believe that the best way to explain an exercise of any kind is showing how to make it visually and what better way than with a video. Also under each of the 10 best exercises for your oblique We puntualizaremos some important aspects of each exercise. Continue reading

My First Camp And Marinzinho Peak

Submitted by: Everson
Place in history: Pousada Maeda/Marinzinho peak
Story date: 04 October 2015
Oh! Finally the holidays and the best, far from the stress of everyday life. After months of planning and looking forward to the first camp in life, the adventure took shape. And there we go. My brother and I drive through the winding roads of the mountains of Minas Gerais. Destiny? Marmelópolis city in South of the State, located some 100 km from where I’m from. Continue reading