Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle

LifeStraw GO water filter already included sports bottle to give consumer access to safe drinking water, even when there is no water source nearby. Just use the running equipment to scoop water from any lake or stream.

River and will have access to clean drinking water. Take LifeStraw GO filter with you when you are hiking, camping, or traveling in areas with poor water quality.

Use a carabiner to attach to your backpack. Filtered over 1000 liters voda. Remove water 99.9999% of harmful bacteria (> LOG 6 reduction), including E-Coli. Remove 99.9% from protozoan parasites (> LOG 3 reduction), including Giardia & Cryptosporidium. No misses solids above 0.2 microns. No aftertaste as it contains no chemicals or iodine. Do not use iodine or iodinated resin. Robust pressurized bottle (free of bisphenol-A) is not use batteries, has no moving parts. The filter is removed for easy cleaning.

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Traditional Bicycle Saddlebags

If you want to buy panniers for your bike whether this is a walk, mountain, folding, trekking or road has to take into account the different types of panniers and bags and especially the coupling devices or fixing or grilled rack bicycle to transport comfortably and safely, both daily shopping as everything you need for a sightseeing trip cycle bike

If you are looking for a saddlebag for bike Decathlon or any type of bike and do not know if they support you might consider purchasing a universal saddlebags, easily installed on the rear rack, ideally composed of two pieces that distribute the weight in a balanced way and maintain weight and low center of gravity to provide good stability

Classic saddlebags for Bike

If you have an old bicycle Retro style and want a vintage look we recommend saddlebags made of leather or leather, very elegant, but if you want a better resistance to rain the saddlebags made of synthetic leather or faux-fur are more resistant without maintenance as saddlebags Monte Grappa.

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Multi-layer Sleeping Bag

The multi-layer sleeping bag is a model very common and very expensive. Its effectiveness is greatest: allows you to combine different building techniques, different padding methods, different thickness of padding, a whole set of very advanced technical features, to play with fabrics and even to vary padding mixing synthetic and feather. A rare example of sleeping bag multi-layer is the Alexika Alpha 1 + 2 , a shelter of excellence for low temperatures (comfort between -9 ° and -18 °), consisting of two separate sleeping bags, the Alpha 1 and the Alpha 2, stuffed a Primaloft and another goose down first quality. This is a sleeping bag excellent, total shelter, water repellent, almost indestructible, for the privileged few.

Mountain sleeping bag, mountain climbing expedition

If the form you go straight to the mummy, here the critical decision between synthetic and feather for children: it all depends on the size of your backpack, the duration of the excursion, the temperatures you’ll face, the weight you’re willing to take. How sleeping bag for the mountains, or sleeping bag for mountaineering, the already named Salewa Spirit -14 is an excellent companion, passed in lightness and compressibility on the other sleeping bag Salewa, the Flare -18 with fabric Powertex Extreme Waterproof, waterproof and breathable, padded down jacket and many useful design features, such as the thermo and the rooms of the comforter to V.

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Cycling Jerseys: Does It Take?

And there girls … all right with you?

Today’s post is a little controversial. Another one of those fads that take us by surprise, and when you least expect it is already everywhere! RS

Taking advantage of this wave of sports proposals, my best Bebel Marant again released sets. The problem is that the trend of the time is already present in our daily lives for a long time. The difference now is that this shape is no longer an exclusively masculine part and becomes part of the female wardrobe.

What I’m talking about??
Ok, Ok … The trend of the moment are the Number Tees, i.e. dashiki that resemble cycling uniforms with numbers on the front, and can be used as maxi dresses or t-shirts, always combined with Grasshopper! Want to see?

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Zara Sale Sportswear

Zara, the flagship of the Spanish fashion giant Inditex, joins the fever of fitness and creates a new line in limited edition, Zara Sport, available from March 10 online and in stores.

The unstoppable engine of the giant Inditex is continually looking for new ways to increase the distance against its direct competitors. And once again, the company anticipates progress in the fashion business, going to create new products e.g. sportswear for pregnant to enter niche markets where it has a minimal presence.
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How to Fish in Cold Water for Bass

Fish are cold-blooded animals. As the water temperature drops and your body cools down, they slow down, therefore not much feed because they can not move very quickly. His power passes to an aggressive search methods ambush. Trout tend to semi-buried in a fund for warmth or insulation.

a presentation of slower bait is needed. You need to catch more slow and methodical, and very patiently.

Look deeper waters
In many cases, the deeper water will mean a slightly warmer water. Fish are not stupid. They know how to migrate to areas of warmer waters.

Deep holes in streams, cuts channel – anywhere that water is deeper – accumulated can find fish. This is because they are looking for warmer waters.

Search scoopholes
On sunny days, surface water tends to warm up with the sun, the smaller fish tend to migrate to this hot water, and of course, predatory fish will be right behind them.

Your selection lure may vary slightly in these stories we’ve talked about before. This is because the water has warmed up a bit, and the fish are actively looking for food. So syndrome cold water have decreased slightly.

Fish before a cold front
Cold fronts mean not only the air and cold water, but also high pressure. Bridgat says the fish “supplies” before a cold front. Cold fronts usually mean winds and storms. The water is stirred, and bait – or food for fish – it becomes more difficult to locate and catch. So the fish feed more anticipating food shortages.


Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners

Deep Sea Fishing

The deep-sea fishing can be intimidating for new fishermen without lures and tips, but advances in electronics, boats, engines and fishing equipment make offshore easier and safer than ever.

Search fish in open sea can be more difficult than in shallower water, but the same principles apply: Combine adequate current water temperature, weather, bait, and any structure, and be sure to find fish.

Deep-sea fishing: fishing near the coast
At sea, the big fish come surprisingly close to the coast. When fishing near the coast, look for predators who use the coast as a natural barrier to corral bait. In addition, the waves breaking on the beach produce highly oxygenated water is heated faster than the deeper water.

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Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

A large part of our planet is submerged, with the water world housing several species of animals and plants, to which most of us never have access, except through diving, especially with oxygen bottle. However, this underwater world is appealing to those who have never dived, but they want to start the activity. Similarly, it is not free of risks, and therefore it is necessary to have some care and pay attention to some aspects, which is why we have prepared some diving tips for beginners, because they are valid regardless of your level of experience.

Diving tips for beginners

If you would like to start in the swim, in order to take advantage of the full potentials that the underwater world offers, which includes, in addition to the aspects provided above, stunning views and wonderful corals. See our diving tips:

Keep the oxygen -Naturally, when diving, you must breathe, but they should seek to breathe slowly and deeply by using your diaphragm, rather than breathing quickly which causes to consume more oxygen. Fill your lungs and then exhale slowly to breathe properly while dipping.

Don’t panic – When diving for the first time, of course, you are going to enter a strange world, surrounded by creatures which you never seen live. However, you should relax and enjoy the moment and, above all, never panic. Although it may seem strange at first, your body will quickly adapt to the environment. What’s more, your first dive will be accompanied by professional instructors. Continue reading


The pink Flamenco, also called Caribbean Flamingo, is one of four American species of flamingoes, the only one in North America. They are gregarious birds of great size and although its nature is not migratory, changes in climate forced to change Habitat always looking for shallow brackish waters. Trip takes place at night, so the shocking spectacle of her arrival is usually at dawn.

The characteristic pink color of its plumage obtained it from a diet rich in carotene: mainly shrimp and other shellfish that dig up mud with their long legs and then filter through its large beak. Females prefer male of more intense color. Although the courtship seems not related to any station, the amount of rain can be a decisive factor: more precipitation ensures greater amount of food.

You can spend years without mating, when sometimes they do up to two times per year. Falmencos couples tend to be from lifetime. It is unknown how much they live in the wild, but in captivity they arrive to live 50 to 60 years. The females lay a large egg in a nest on the ground in the form of volcano, made with mud, straw, feathers and pebbles. Incubation lasts 25 to 30 days and both parents realize.

The chicks are born with grey feathers and are fed with a kind of “milk” that both the father and the mother produced in the digestive tract. Other flamingos are often involved in feeding the chicks. Although not considered an endangered species, their habitat has been reduced in recent years. Those who remain have been declared nature sanctuaries, if the visit be careful not to damage them.

The German Handball Players

We congratulate the german handball players for the european championship!

After an outstanding tournament with only a single defeat in the entire tournament the German national handball team has beaten yesterday Spain significantly in the final of the European Championship. After many exciting matches could become the youngest team in the entire tournament and clinch the title.

the german handball players

After 10-6 at half-time the “bad boys” at the end of 24:17 prevailed. Team all-star goalie of Andreas Wolff gave viewers a true spectacle on the defensive and also offensively, they demonstrated their skills.

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