Andrea Iannone Takes Maverick ViñAles Swimmingly

Andrea Iannone proved in 2016 to be one of the pilots more in the form of the category. Only falls and injuries slowed down to a pilot that, of the eight races that ended, four were on the podium. As it is showing at Sepang, it seems that his move to Suzuki won’t stop its progression: today has been the fastest, improving even the registry than yesterday marked Casey Stoner.

Weather conditions have played a key role on the second day of workouts at the Sepang circuit. Despite this, the path eventually dry, allowing all teams to assemble dry gums and do the job that had pending since the traffic light was green. Nobody could stop to Andrea Iannone Once the track was in top condition.

Andrea Iannone made Suzuki begins to forget Maverick Viñales

Maverick Viñales was very fast with the Suzuki is no secret; and Andrea Iannone has collected his witness swimmingly, either. A return, the Suzuki showed in 2016 to keep up with Honda and Yamaha. Today Andrea Iannone has focused on making small batches to test different configurations of the bike, with the mind set on improving their own records. That Yes, the configurations has been testing have departed the Maverick Viñales initial settings, as pointed out, laughing, the Spanish pilot:

You see that I left them a good setting for Iannone

Andrea Iannone wanted to improve their records and succeeded: a 1: 59.452 was his best lap, two-tenths faster that that Casey Stoner mark yesterday. In no time he has made more than six laps followed at the Malaysian circuit. His best record marked it on the last lap of the day, in a round that lasted… a turn!. We will see if you decide tomorrow to test configurations of race (do the Viñales?) to see where in relation to its rivals. Search for cheap swimewear on Ezinereligion.

Andrea Iannone:

I’m very happy with today. Although we have had very little time because of the conditions the asphalt, we have been able to work much and, more importantly, to take a step forward. In the first batches went out to track with configurations that did me not feel too comfortable. Then we have made some changes that have made me feel more confident and in the closing laps, we have made a good improvement. They have not been major changes, rather small improvements, but they have allowed us to be very effective. We are working very well, and I’m having a good feeling with the team. They work very hard and very professionally, which gives me a positive attitude that allows me to drive with confidence. Today’s result proves it: we have improved a lot since yesterday, and this is important so that we can find more improvements.