Come on 5 March With Obelink In The Camping Season

Is something that we strive for the whole year, the start of camping season; especially now, when the temperatures rise upwards and let the winter behind us. At last! It’s already starting to smell wonderful after spring and the butterflies in your stomach come back slowly. On Sunday the 5.März we open this year, where tents and sunshades in the foreground are the season with the first sale open Sunday. We want to invite you in our Obelink Megastore. Whether you now shop, geared or ever get the holiday feeling want to. We have organized all kinds of great activities for you. Among other things “live cooking” on the outdoor Braai (with delicious snacks!). Are you curious, what we have prepared else? Then continue reading!

Sunday, 5.März our Mega store from 10 am 5 pm is open!

Obtain advice from specialists when choosing a sleeping bag. The tent collection by 2017 looks this year again super. There are even asterisks by the letzdem year, but new models. This collection presents to our colleagues in the awning Department. Specifically for shopping Sunday, we have invited specialists to bring you closer to the area of awnings to. That means it will be present a special list for the brand brand as well as for Kampa, which can tell you everything about this beautiful tents. On the awning Department we are supported by 2 advisers of Fiamme and they come with a beautiful model. These specialists will advise throughout the day, explains everything to you and answered all questions.

Enjoy your meal!

As already mentioned, we demonstrate the outdoor Braai, therefore, follow your nose in the direction of garden furniture and taste one of the snacks! Keep also an eye in restaurant, which was updated. Are especially for the start of the season various muffins and various Mint sort on the map. We have thought of the children, of course: that can be make-up in the children’s paradise.

Tent and awning action

This Sunday we will make you extra tasty is to purchase a tent or shade sails from fire or hyper camp. Create itself while the Sunday shopping then you get a tent by fire, a storm rope set given to Mistral amounting to € 45. We don’t forget also our own hyper camp-awnings, while indeed receive a storm rope set hyper camp given in the value of € 17.95. Create in a Fiamma awning? Then you get a storm cord set to the value of €9.95.

A few days after our awning and awning event we write a report about the start of the season. If you had not the time to come, you feel as if you were doing was still so. Of course, z.B on the 12 come even more shopping Sundays this year, our hiking and biking weekend. But on March 5, open the camping season with us?