Cool Off without Burning: Swimming Pool with Awning

With the arrival of the heat, the water a good ally is made for cooling, although you must always take care with the Sun. For this reason I liked this idea of pool with awning, new Imaginarium.

It is called model”H2o Babymarina”, for children from 9 to 36 months, which has an original awning clamshell to protect children from the harshness of the Sun.” Because being so at ease in the pool we cannot forget that the Sun is burning… However, it must not forget the protection!

Bow and the hood are removable, and the pool, circular, measuring 80 centimeters in diameter. It includes 4 rings of varying size and color to insert 2 mounts, and a star to play. With very marine motifs, certainly here children will be like a fish in water! See for history of swimwear.

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