Different Ways of Seizing The Machines and The Dumbbell in The Gym

The strength, skill, technique and weight are some of the variables we have plays a large part in training in the gym. We always look for the machine or apparatus which is more suited to what we are pursuing and the part of the body that we want to work. In spite of everything, is one thing in which we do not usually stop at the way in which we are going to grab that device or that cufflink, Since it is an important point which will influence the performance and we are going to review offering several different alternatives.

Not all of us have the same needs when it comes to training, and it is that everyone has a way of doing different exercises. The grip, and especially how to grasp the grips is one of the main things that we differentiate ourselves is that there are several ways of seizing us machines. The most common is do so with clean hands and without using anything. This form is the more sensitive, since we directly seize the apparatus and control much more movement and the exercise, but skin is in danger of running aground is and hardening because of the constant friction with the bar that grabs.

Precisely to avoid that our hands suffer damage we tend to use gloves. This is one of the ways to train more selected, but continues to be the least accurate, since we must bear in mind that the glove does not allow us to grab the dumbbell or machine accurately, but that is a piece of fabric and leather that stands between us and that in many cases He doesn’t grasp the grip too well. So many people do not use gloves, since to not grip well we cannot perform the exercise correctly and pay the most, as we turn attention to the grip instead of the load to raise.

A form of grip that is halfway between the glove and the clean hand is the use of flexible sponges that it will enable us to protect hand abrasions and burns, and to allow us to better seize us to the bar and not to slip. But they also allow great sensitivity in the grip. If we are looking for a more complete adherence can opt out of the use of magnesium powder. In some gyms, we can find it. This mineral helps us improve adhesion by allowing us to grasp the bar perfectly and have a perfect exercise development. The problem is that stain everything white and that we have to reset every so often, since we run the risk of slipping us and hurt us in the hand.