Fsantiago Bernabéu Football Stadium

Since 1947, Real Madrid the most modern Stadium in the world. Since then, the stadium has become a five-Star Stadium. The last renovation took place in 2005 and since then, the stadium has 80,000 sites.


Soccer in Spain is part of life. There is also a magazine that is completely dedicated to football, which is the most widely sold newspaper Marca?? the??. The largest football club in Spain, Real Madrid FC play their home games in this arena. Bernabéu was once one of the players, but has also been the President of the Club.

It is the rich pigeon breeder Don Santi who has a dream, he wants to build a huge Stadium for the club where he made his debut in 1912 as a centre forward. He wants Real International is a success. On 22 June 1944 by the Banco Mercantil e Industrial?? ?? a loan provided to the Santiago Bernabéu and Rafael Salgado. Land was purchased for 642 000 pesetas?? s and value today, hundreds of millions of euros? s.
The construction of the new stadium could begin. The architects were Muñoz Monasterio and Alemany Soler. The arena is now approx. 4.5 km in the Centre of Madrid.
The name carries the stadium at the opening it?? Nuevo Estadio Chamartin?? The stadium is named after a district in Madrid. The opening match was played on December 14, 1947 against OS Belenenses in Portugal. In the arena were mainly plots and soon there were 120,000 visitors. At the time of the opening match was Real Madrid’s most modern station in the world.
The current full name is?? ?? Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. It is only mentioned in 1955 to the legendary players.

in 1954, the stadium was expanded and became the second mother, also the largest football stadium in the world. Thanks to the unbridled commitment and superb leadership Bernabéu was the Club and its new stadium soon became a world institution. He was an icon in Real took during his presidency many prices.The following were among the League title 16 times, five times, the Copa del Rey and six victories in the European Cup.
In 1982, there was a new renovation in conjunction with the World Cup in Spain. The number of seats was reduced to 90000. Around 1983 the Interior and exterior were renovated. The its and its own entrance can be realized. The number of places is extended to 106.500. After this renovation there is a clash between Barcelona and Real over which Club can now have the largest number of spectators in the stadium.
During football season 1998-1999 UEFA came up with a new action. They forced the clubs to replace all stand by seats. The maximum number of spectators declined this hugely in the Bernabéu stadium. In st instead of the previously mentioned 100,000 it now was only 74 300 football fans in the arena.
Then there are once again in 2005, an adjustment is made to the arena. The East side of the stadium will be treated. The plan is from this point 107 metres long and 72 meters wide. The number of sites will be extended to 80 400. At the same time, the arena will be awarded the UEFA in a five-star Stadium.
In 2006, Florentino Pérez is leaving as President of Real Madrid. Shortly before his departure, he makes a proposal known as the put a retractable roof on the stadium. According to Pérez, the stadium also the best stadium in the world.
Host Bernabéu

The arena has been host to both a sporting and social events. One of the most impressive social events in 1977 was the memorial service to honor the 75-anniversary of Real Madrid.
Sporting took place in the stadium:

  • 1957; European cup final; Real Madrid?? Fiorentina, rash 2-0. The goals were made by Alfrede Di Stefano and Francisco Gento. Em is the current Championsleague.
  • 1964; EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP semi-final; Spain?? Hungary, rash 2-1 N.V.
  • in 1969; European cup final; Ac Milan? AFC Ajax, ruling 4-1
  • in 1974; Real Madrid-FC Barcelona, rash 0-5
  • 1980; European cup final; Nottingham Forest? Hamburger SV, rash 1-0
  • 1982; final WORLD CUP; Italy?? West Germany, ruling 3-1
  • 1985; final UEFA Cup; Real Madrid?? Videoton 0-Széksfehérvár, 1
  • 1986; final UEFA Cup; Real Madrid?? 1. FC. Cologne, skin rash, 5-1

Not only was the stadium hosted include the previously mentioned events. The days when the Club did not need to play, given between 10:30 and 18:30 pm tours. During the tour, panoramic view from the roof showed?? ?? the presidential Box, locker rooms, players ‘ tunnel, playground, store, and awards shows.