Hostel Creates Urban Camping In A Building In São Paulo

A camping area, with synthetic grass and located on the roof of a building in São Paulo, this was the most commented news this week!

That AKI Hostel calls Urban Camping, is a new concept that is coming in Brazil and can easily spread in other cities. What draws attention is that, in addition to being a cost-effective way of hosting, becomes also a different experience for many people who have never camped or slept in a tent. It may even be an incentive for those who have never camped out, after this experience find camp also in nature.

Hostel Creates Urban Camping in a Building in Sao Paulo1

The site, which is the terrace of the Hostel, holds up to 10 tents. You can bring your tent or rent that they offer.

A day for camping stays R$ 30.00 per person, which includes tent with mat, sheets and pillows. You can bring your own tent, but the value stays the same. Already the rooms, between collective and private range from R$40 to R $200 (Oct/2016).The value does not include breakfast.

Hostel Creates Urban Camping in a Building in Sao Paulo2

Different from the campsites that often you arrive without a reservation, if you want to camp terrace of Aki is good to book in advance because, according to owner search through space is increasing.

Only let a hint, if you take your own tent, forget models are self supporting, after all, under the synthetic grass, has floor and you will not be able to count on the espeques to keep the tent up!

Hostel Creates Urban Camping in a Building in Sao Paulo3

Good … camping in the middle of Sao Paulo is far from an experience of contact with nature, but it’s definitely a different experience and for those who’ve stayed at many hostels, it’s worth it to enjoy the news!

I, particularly, if you could choose between a shared room, or a tent, I wouldn’t think twice. Next time we go to Sao Paulo (not tells the Adventure Sports Fair, we already have a place to stay!) is for Aki Hostel we experience such Urban Camping.

Here are some features of the sleeping bags:

-Reception 24 hours
-Bar and restaurant
-Guest kitchen
-TV room and Terrace
-Close to supermarkets, restaurants and bars

The hostel is close to the main and most visited sights of the city such as: Paulista Avenue, the historic center, Liberdade, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Masp, and parks of Aclimação and Ibirapuera.