International Cycling On The Edges And In The Serra Da Estrela

The region receives beirã, next weekend, two international competitions.Between Friday and Sunday is the first edition of the International Grand Prix Borders and Serra da Estrela, road race 2.1 class. On Sunday played the XCO of Fundão agricultural credit, proof of class 1 MTB, race valid for the last Olympic qualifying in Portugal.

The International Grand Prix Borders and Serra da Estrela is released in the international calendar in the same category as the back to Portugal and to the Algarve. The race will have three stages and a total of 537.7 kilometres. It is expected an exciting outcome, since the last step ends in Penhas da Saúde.

The first step binds Pinhel (Praça Sacadura Cabral, 11:30) to Vilar Formoso (Avenida Plaza Europa, 3:00 pm) over 145 kilometres. Is the trip more affordable, perspetivando an opportunity for the sprinters who can resist the rises and falls of the region.

On Saturday there is 198.6 km to overcome, since the Sabugal (Court, 11:30), to the Fundão (Avenida da Liberdade, 4:15 pm). The long distance introduces some difficulty to take a water bottle as sports equipment.

The Queen stage is stored for Sunday, when the squad out to 194.1 kilometers race, between the Guard (Fire Department, 11:30) and the Penhas da Saúde (4:30 pm), where the goal coincides with a first-rate mountain count. Before the final accession, cyclists will climb the slope of Seia/Elderberries to the top of the Tower, where they will spend with 119.5 km.

The peloton will have 15 teams. Portugal is the most represented, through the national team/Liberty Seguros and continental teams Efapel, LA Aluminium-Antarte, Louletano-Hospital of Loulé, Popular Radio-Boavista, Sporting-W52-FC Porto and Tavira. From Spain comes the professional continental Caja Rural-Seguros RGA and Britain comes to One Pro Cycling, in the same category. The platoon is completed with six foreign continental formations: Amore & Vita-Selle-SMP (Ukraine), Boyacá (Colombia) Campeones Raza, Inteja-MMR (Dominican Republic), ISD-Jorbi (Ukraine), Lokosphinx (Russia) and NASR Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The Cova da Beira will have a weekend of thrills velocipédicas. On Sunday the Olympic cross country (XCO), with the completion of XCO of Fundão agricultural credit, fourth Cup Cyclin’Portugal proof. It’s the last race valid for qualification for the Olympic Games taking place on national territory.

Are inscribed around of 350 runners, which will compete from the 9:00, at which point RIP proof of masters and cadets. To run 11:00 every female and male Juniors categories. The starting shot for the elite will be given proof to 2:30 pm.

BMX will be the featured discipline on the coast. The Village Green, Figueira da Foz, will stage a double shift of the cup of Portugal, Saturday and Sunday. The third test of the Cup played from 4:30 pm of Saturday. The fourth text runs on Sunday at 11:00.

The platoon of amateur road moves to the Azores, where it runs, 13 to 16 may, Back to San Miguel-7 GP Liberty Seguros. The competition begins with a prologue of 2 kilometres. The first step the horse Jump Lagoon League, over 70 kilometres.The second taken has 105 kilometres, joining the Northeast to Ponta Delgada.The race ends with a 73-km trip starts at and ends at Lagoa do Fogo.

More official events
May 14, 10:00: Paralympic Day, Terreiro do Paço, Lisboa
May 14, 14:00:1st Regional meeting of schools of Mondim de Basto
May 14, 14:00: Olisipíadas, José Gomes Ferreira, Lisbon
May 14, 14:30: XXVII GP Noah’s Ark, Vila Nova de Gaia
May 14, 18:00: MOUNTAIN BIKING W Shopping, Santarém
May 15, 9:00: MTB Tour of BV 4 Caldas das Taipas, Guimarães
May 15, 9:00:4 MTB Paths of the Donkey, Highland of Aboboreira, Marco de Canaveses
May 15, 9:00:4 Tracks of the Teamsters, Roriz, Santo Tirso
May 15, 9:00:3rd Prize in the Futebol Clube de Alverca
May 15, 9:00:14th Meeting of the Cycling of Alvalade, Lisbon
May 15, 9:00: Algarve Cup DHI, Estoi
May 15, 9:00: CPT Trophy of the Algarve, Tavira/Cachopo
May 15, 9:30:9 MOUNTAIN BIKE route of the Miner, Ervedosa, Vinhais
May 15, 9:30: Fox Race Enduro, Trevim, Serra da Lousã
May 15, 9:30: Center, Marathon Battle
May 15, 10:00: Family Tour of the metropolitan area of Porto, Passeio Alegre, Porto
May 15, 10:00:3 Youth Prize of the city of Setúbal
May 15, 13:00:3 DHI village of São Torcato, in Guimarães