Koen Verweij Biograffe

With a silver medal in 1500 metres at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Koen Verweij gathered in 2014 around the world.Until recently, he was, for many, still an unknown skater.Who is he really?


  • Name: Koen Verweij
  • Date of birth: August 26, 1990
  • Place Of Birth: Alkmaar
  • Profession: Langebaan Skater


At the age of Koen Verweij became a household name in the skating world. At ten kilometers, while NK Allround 2008, he finished fifth. Due to this, he served as a reserve with the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Allround. The press praised the performance Verweij time and predicted him a great future. This continued for some time. During the season 2008/2009 was Alkmaarder World Allround in juniors. He also finished fourth at the National Championships all round that allowed him to participate in the European Championships Allround. Here, he could not play any role, but clearly was that this young skater hammered on the door.
Move to top team turned out to be short-lived
The following season Verweij of junior’s move to the TVM team. The pressure he had received on his shoulders with his achievement, however, was soon too much for him. He hoped to qualify for the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, but did not succeed. Also at the European Championships and the World Allround Verweij was unable to show his skills because he was not qualified.
A season later he decided not to renew his contract with TVM and he went for the lesser-known skating teams Team Heart ride. During the 2010/2011 season, he revived a bit and he was also third in the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Allround and fourth at the World Allround Championships. During the 2011/2012 season was third in the World Allround Championships Verweij and won the gold medal at the World Single Distance Championships in the team pursuit. The results in these two seasons showed Verweij show his talent again. During the season of 2012/2013, but he knew a lot of bad luck. A fall at the National Championships Allround he could not qualify for the European Championship and a nasty injury he also had other tournaments to let lie.
Return to top team

In 2013/2014 season, his final breakthrough in the skating world, Verweij returned to the team where he also previously been: TVM. Led by coach Gerard Kemkers steamed getting ready for the Olympics in Sochi.The blond giant has matured and grown both mentally and physically. This makes him also look directly at the ice rink. While NK Distance Verweij 2013 became Dutch champion in the 1500 metres. He also finished second in the 1000 metres. Because of these results, he qualified for the first time for the Olympic Games.
The 2014 Olympics in Sochi
Verweij came at the Olympic Games from three distances: 1500 metres, 1000 metres and team pursuit. His arrows was primarily focused on the former distance. At 1000 meters ended the sixth skater. At that distance, the gold went to his fellow skater Stefan Groothuis. At 1500 metres was just three thousandths of a second, or Verweij found his gold. He had eventually to go home with the silver and the gold went to the pole Zbigniew Bródka. He won gold in the Pursuit. This, together with Sven Kramer and Jan Blokhuijsen. But the silver medal is a weird aftertaste in this tournament. He hopes one day to be able to live with, but it will be difficult, he said.
After the Olympics were over the Dutch Allround Championships followed in 2014. For the first time in his career, he can call himself the best all-rounder in the Netherlands. On three of the four distances, 500 metres, 1500 metres and 5000 metres, finishing Verweij first. Just ten kilometers he was second. These performances ensured that he was first in the overall ranking and thus for the first time Dutch champion was round.
On March 23, 2014, Verweij, for the first time in his career the World Allround. In the absence of greatness skater Sven Kramer showed what he was capable of. Although he did not win, but his skating times proved eventually enough for the world title.