Light, Lighter, Light As a Feather: Ultralight Nordisk Telemark I + II

Who is touring as a hiker, bicycle or motorcycle riders through the country, has to cope with special challenges and embarks on an exciting adventure. This starts with the luggage. Every gram counts and will cause later in the physical strain. Rather, the packing measures are crucial for bikers. They say save, more save, abandon… but please only when the weight and not about comfort. Light tents are the answer to these needs. Usually polyamide, nylon or polyester are used as known substances light tent construction. They are durable, wind – and waterproof and what is essential, especially easy. The materials aluminium and carbon have prevailed for the pushrod. Light tents are characterized not only by their design, they are also very quick to rebuild. This pleases anyone who quickly wants to put that after a long, exhausting day tour legs long.

The Nordisk Telemark II

Peer to peer is a lighthouse Nordisk Telemark II. “We have combined our many years of experience in the tent construction with material innovations like carbon rods, lightest 3-layer laminate fabric etc. to a refined functional tent. An experimental, hard year of development to fruition now – we can be proud and thank you to the jury”, so the product developer Sarah Groth as she takes the German design award 2013 beaming with joy receive. It is a tent of superlatives. Not only the design, it is the only two-person sleeping bag reviewed by, which brings only a weight of 880 g on the scale, in a pack size 12 cm x 35 cm worldwide at the time. To literally look the tent in the backpack. With a water column of 2000 mm and a ground leak of 6000 mm it remains completely dry and even in wind conditions the tent is stable up to 17 metres per second. Ideal for all individuals who have high quality standards.

It is even smaller.

The Nordisk Telemark I

It is as a solo hiker, convinced the little brother Nordisk Telemark I. The tent is easier once again to 110 g, it weighs only 770 g. The construction is identical to the Nordisk Telemark II, measured only on a person. This lightweight in the apse area offers still enough space for luggage and shoes.

Telemark is a region in southern Norway with a varied landscape of mountains, coastlines, lakes and forests. A picturesque Idyll in the Interior and a rugged coastline in the West enchanting views and are popular photo motifs. A tent that bears the name of this region, is designed to meet different geographical requirements.

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