Little Visible Muscles But That We Must Not Forget: Greater Serrato

There are some well known for its wide visibility in the body muscles that certainly influence the aesthetics of the same and therefore we are all interested in working, for example: abdominal, biceps and pectorals. However, there are some other muscles few visible but that we must not forget, as it is the case of the greater Serrato.

This also called muscle previous Serrato is located in the upper lateral portion of the chest and also provide stability to the shoulder, allows the scapula is mobilize properly, so, its strengthening is essential if we want to have good mobility in exercises where participates the shoulder.

In addition, it is also a muscle that is involved in the breathing, because it acts as a depressant and elevator of the ribs, movements of the expiration and inspiration respectively.

To strengthen this small and little visible muscle, there is nothing better than a very popular in requesting the serrato exercise push-ups,.

As we can see, the visibility of muscle often determines our choice at the time of work one or another muscle, however, knowing the functions of the greater Serrato, It is easier to not forget it in training.