Matroswimming: Babies to The Water!

A few days ago Lola brought us a video of a swimming class for babies, and encouraged to live the experience of the matroswimming. With what I like water, I have always thought that my baby and I would give us the opportunity to enjoy a swim from very soon.

Yesterday began a course of swimming for babies, which are beginning to notice the benefits of the water, and above all of the contact with parents. At the affective level, the cheap bikini is a very nice experience.

At the level of motor development, It is still interesting. Thanks to the water the muscles are exercised motor coordination, and beneficiaries are the circulatory and respiratory systems. Facing the imminent I crawl, no doubt these stamping in the water will be very helpful.

In babies with some more experience you could see that practice in the water had contributed to the development of its self-confidence, they operate with more independence and more secure move. Anyway, there were also tears at some point, those who get the tiny staff.

In addition, babies become accustomed to playing with the parent, family member or one who accompany them in the water, with the monitor and “interact” with other babies, so socially also brings benefits.

Obviously, in a kind of swimming for babies, is not learning to swim as adults, that prevail are enriching previous issues.

Even so, in the pool got to lose the fear of water, say “open” in which can be develop with certain freedom (we are no longer in the cozy belly of breast or in the bath, so pick up). And it is the first step for diving as they, float by themselves and more forward because they can swim.

The first time that my baby “cast into the water” I it enjoyed great time from the edge of the pool and immortalize the moment with a few pictures. The next time, me I’m living this moment from the inside.

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