Matroswimming or Swimming for Babies

The matronacion or swimming for babies is an activity that has expanded over the past years due to the huge benefits to children in the House, the newborns. This therapy involves a work of proprioception and inborn reflex mechanisms in children with the aim of not losing them during the first months of life. You can define as the swimming of parents with children, since each child is always accompanied by an adult.

One of the main reflexes are working voluntary apnea, mechanism by which the newborn is capable of blocking the upper airway to dive or to receive water on the face or head. At the same time, working the sensory stimulation with different shapes and colors in preparation for awakening the child an early motor. Find swimwear for kids from Pharmacylib.

Primary premises:

a. The pediatrician must take care of the health of the child.b. The child must be the protagonist of your games.c. The experience shared with parents.d. The time will depend on the resistance and enjoy the babye. Classes include teaching materials (tables, balls, etc) age-appropriate.f. It is convenient to wait until the fourth month of life.g. Avoid the scares baby.h. No to let ‘never’ to the baby just near the water (overconfident).i. We must not allow the consumption of food prior to the session of matroswimming.j. It is important to dry the child immediately after the bath, to avoid sudden changes in body temperature.k. A sick child not must under no circumstances take bath.l. Do not force the development of skills in the baby to achieve the development of fellow. m. Always use non-slip soles, avoid jumping or any type of game on the edge of the pool.n. We must take into account the hygienic and sanitary control of the vessel.o. Avoid the false sense of security that develops to see to babies move in water. It may cause some parents the idea that their children would be able to swim and be self-employed in the water.