Meet The Cycling Counter That Is Being Tested In São Paulo – SP

The Ciclistas counter is an experimental initiative of LabProdam (Laboratory of Innovation of São Paulo City Hall), which films in real time the cycle path of Faria Lima and counts how many cyclists go there daily.

This tool is part of a set of actions in open government policies-aimed at innovation, participation, transparency and integrity-implemented by the City of São Paulo.

The cycling counter is an experiment, still in the testing phase! Therefore, suggestions for improvements and collaborations are very welcome!

Below is a space for comments, participate! Add to that idea and contribute to improving this initiative!

Note: Because the Cyclists counter is in the implementation and experimentation phase, the video may eventually be out of breath and may contain technical problems in counting stainless steel equipment.

Open Tool – Do It Yourself

The Cyclist Counter is an experimental and collaborative project. With a simple camera of 20 reais and some technical knowledge it is possible to install the meter itself. We provide the software for those who want to implement at home and improve the operation.

In the medium term, we will also provide a webservice of all the data captured by the camera, through the software. In this way, those who are interested can work with the analysis of the data.

How It Works

The “Cycle Counter” is a software developed by LabProdam in C ++ language using the OpenCV library, with free license.

The image of a simple camera, installed in a building of Faria Lima, feeds the software that detects and separates what is the background of the image (static) of what is dynamic (people, cars, buses and the like). From a delimitation of space, in this case the bike path, the software detects only what happens in that section.

With this delimitation, the software is able to isolate a moving object, within the stretch, and accompany it in its trajectory within the”area of ​​interest” (black outline in the upper corner) where the object evaluation is done: if it is Of the dimensions of a bicycle and if it has a trajectory and speed similar to those of a cyclist.

The counter image can be made available in real time, via streaming, using free tool.

The source code is available at: out site.

Hardware – Sensors

The LabProdam has deployed a humidity, pressure and temperature sensor and integrated into a microcontroller that associates with the camera image. This information goes to the same counting software and allows the integration between the counter and environment data.


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