My First Camp And Marinzinho Peak

Submitted by: Everson
Place in history: Pousada Maeda/Marinzinho peak
Story date: 04 October 2015
Oh! Finally the holidays and the best, far from the stress of everyday life. After months of planning and looking forward to the first camp in life, the adventure took shape. And there we go. My brother and I drive through the winding roads of the mountains of Minas Gerais. Destiny? Marmelópolis city in South of the State, located some 100 km from where I’m from.
Despite the great expectation in camp, researched a camping with good structure, at least it was in the pictures and information from the internet, after all, the goal was to spend moments of happiness and no hassles. Sunday afternoon, on 04 October 2015 and there on hostel and Camping Maeda. Early on I got it there was no wrong choice. Great place for first-timer.Before dark we had enough time to set up the tent and get organized on site. I can’t help but point out the excellent reception of the Lord Maeda and your wife. The sympathy got there and it wasn’t over though. The left of the camp there was he. The peak of Marinzinho. The mission was to get to the top of that mountain, and enjoy the scenery. That night, after dinner at the Inn, we listen carefully to the directions of the Lord Maeda, great Explorer of the region, and in your life history many other adventures.
The first night in camp, I forgot to bring a changing pad or duvet to line the floor and leave the environment as comfortable as possible. Rolls in, rolls back and get some sleep. Wake up and get out of the tent to observe the moon night. And now what to do if you can’t sleep with a sleeping bag for camping and hiking? My brother sleeps like a rock. Won’t budge. Adapting to the new way to sleep here I try to sleep a little more. I thought it was already dawn and day or midnight was still. I thought: I’m wrapped! I can’t take the trail of tomorrow. Anyway, I ended up sleeping on the floor really hard.
Dawned. I got up with some crackling of the skeleton and after breakfast in the morning, follow the road and further to trails, but always rising and rising. The day was sunny and mild climate. Nature cooperated very much with us. The ascent was constant. And much. Don’t wait for stretches with straight lines.Only going up and up and at the end with many stones. Despite being physically unprepared I was able to meet a large part of the mission. Will is everything. With the ideal seasoning of beautiful scenery-hike “up was more bearable. There are not enough words to describe the feeling of observing those mountains and your horizon. Many stops to rest, eat, drink water and take pictures were required. In some stretches of the trail, where there is difficulty in transposing the stones, there are ropes which were posted to help adventurers. I counted four to five strings. At last caught. With the thin air and an effort too for those who were physically unprepared, I began to feel a slight malaise with the hook on the chest. For those who already had heart arrhythmia I thought I’d stop by there. A “chicken” also helped continue the last rope that ran parallel to a Gorge, with the toast of the Lord wind to help. But, thanks to where possible.An indescribable feeling of personal satisfaction. My brother, more daring and audacious managed to transpose the last obstacle and reach the Summit. Took great shots, but only with the view of the State of Minas Gerais, on the side of São Paulo, the time was covered by dense clouds.
While waiting for his return, a meditation of my life up to that point was of paramount importance to invigorate the soul. I went down clean and renovated. When I saw that immensity my front, I knew how insignificant we are in the face of everything.Actually this world does not end.
The descent was as difficult as the ascent. The legs and especially his knees hurt too. You have to go down and forcing the braking leg not to fall. The water was also running out.Finally after a long walk, the 4:00 in the afternoon, we were able to reach a water mine and we were able to satisfy us. Sacred water.
When we arrived the lodge and looked again to the peak of Marinzinho, I hadn’t felt in a long time. Pride for myself. That feeling pleasant to meet a difficult task. The thrill of winning, did drain a “sweat” in the corner of my eyes. There were many moments with my brother talking about everything. Life, family, past, present and future. It was good. Very good! That vacation!
Oh! I almost forgot to say. When we arrived at the Inn, Mr. Maeda received us with your peculiar sympathy and asked him, please, to get a mattress to sleep in the tent. It was just laugh!
And so was my first camp.