Review Everest Tent, The Cheetah

 Series Small Tents: One of the goals of the FuiAcampar for the year 2013 is to make a series of reviews about small tents, for one or two people. The goal is to assist adventurers in the choice of equipment according to your profile. We inform you about the features and functionality of each, differentiating tents tents techniques generalists, and we indicate the best options for treks, Wild camping or structured.

The Tent Everest-1 p, the Cheetah, is included in this group of tents.

Our overall impression about the product is that the tent Everest is good option for those seeking a small and sturdy tent. Is a very versatile tent, which can be used both in campsites structured as for treks or wild camps.The restriction is that it is not self-supporting.

Grants below our views on several aspects:


Structure: Everest is a tubulartent, i.e. your structure is formed by two parallel rods that do not cross, being a lot smaller than the other, creating a structure with good aerodynamics in case of strong winds.

Everest, as well as the other tents, tubular is not self-supporting , that is, she’s not standing (mounted) If you’re not with the espeques properly placed. This causes she can’t be armed on a floor of concrete or rock, limiting your use to only sites with Earth, grass or sand.

Size: The tent room has 2, 50 m long by 90 cm wide at the narrowest part (feet) and 1, 36 m at the widest part (door).

The tent is for one person and accommodates a person of average height, with a good comfort. Fits inside a person with your backpack and your belongings. In fact, her inner space is fairly generous compared to other individual tents, and could even accommodate a couple in love (!), who is interested in sleep snuggly. But don’t think about putting a double air mattress inside it – it’s not up.

Have the height of the tent is of 1 m in the upper part, allowing the people of average height sit and change within it.

Weight: The weight of the Everest is 2.3 kg, which makes her a camp a little heavy if you’re going to get on bike, do a trekking or hiking long distances; because, by being a tent for 1 person, you probably won’t have someone share her weight.

If you were thinking that 2.3 kg is not heavy for a tent, since several other are heavier. Well, that’s true, but if your goal is to travel or carry the Backpack on the back for long distances, the weight becomes essential and there are on the market stalls still lighter.

If your goal is not to load it in your Pack, you won’t need to worry about her weight.

Volume: The packaging is compact enough: has 15 cm X 15 cm X 47 cm, what is a good size to be attached to backpack in case you want to do that.

Resistance: Its tubular structure causes she has an aerodynamic enough resistant to winds, including storms. The seams are sealed and the sobreteto (when new) stand up to 2000 mm of water column what gives a tranquility to heavy rains during a weekend or longer. She resists even the storms, but for this it is necessary that your mount is perfect, with all espeques and cordeletes stretched.

Our experience: traveling with the FuiAcampar Team, she has faced many storms (some pretty scary) and always resisted bravely without any kind of infiltration. Just realize that, when mounted directly on the sand, during heavy rainfall the water drops splashing inside the sobreteto ended up on the toes.


Room: the room has a good area if compared to other tents for one person. A striking feature is that it is almost all in screenhouse tissue (mosquito net), which facilitates – and – air circulation between the room and the sobreteto.

By ta: One of the interesting (and useful) features of this tent is the fact that she has two access doors that, when fully opened, are practically the two whole sides of tent. As the fourth is in screenhouse tissue, when open both doors, generates an excellent air circulation.

Avancê: When closed the doors, the tent has two small external spaces where it doesn’t fit a lot of stuff, but may harbour the tennis or some other small equipment like sleeping bags reviewed by Itypetravel.

Pockets: There are four pockets on the sides of the room and a thing that can be fixed on the ceiling of the tent and you can have an interesting utility. But, to put it, the inner tent height decreases considerably and it’s hard to get moving in the tent with him beating on the head.

Our experience: we don’t think the gadget is very useful, but we use the argolinhas where he should be docked to a clothesline along the ceiling of the inner tent, where we let their underwear drying during the day with the doors closed, during the summer the tent turned into a “greenhouse”, and everything was wet on the Clothesline dried during the day.

Window: On the sides of the tent, there are two Windows — one of them ineffective, due to the slope of the tent, which pretty much prevents you from getting open. The other, on the front, is quite useful and realize do air exchange with the external environment, especially at night, to avoid the condensation of breath to wet the inside of the tent, or even during the day, when there’s some wet clothes inside the tent.In no time we noticed condensation in sobreteto.


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Evaluation and Information

Positive points: The tent has a good resistance to wind and rain. Has an adequate space to be used by two people and your advance offers extra comfort.

Negative points: Is a little heavy when compared to similar sized tents.

Brand: Cheetah (brazilian)
Origin: Imported product

Product data and technical information

Capacity: 1 Person
Length: 2 m
Width of the room: Variable, of 65 cm (width in feet) to 1, 36 m (width on the door)
Height: 1, 10 m (in the upper part)
Weight 2, 3 kg
Packing size:15 cm X 15 cm X 46 cm
Seams: Sealed
Water column:2000 mm
Material of rods: Soft glass fiber
Sobreteto Material: 190T Polyester
Material: Breathable polyester
Floor Material: Polyethylene of high resistance

This product was provided by Mark Cheetah, but is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.