Review Of AutoinflÁVel, Mat Dalar

In this review, we assessed the Pad Autoinflável of Dalar. He is an option for those seeking a more comfortable equipment that an insulator of EVA and lighter and more convenient than an inflatable mattress. Meet below more information about this product.


Material: The inner part of it is made into a foam/sponge, and the outside is waterproof fabric of polyester and PVC.

Weight: This pad weighs 800 grams, which is one of its strengths. Is heavier than an insulator of EVA (everything is heavier than an EVA!), but is lighter than an inflatable mattress or other mattresses autoinfláveis.


Size: When rolled up, the size of the pad is similar to a thermal insulator of – even waterproof sleeping bags (smaller diameter), if well wrapped.Andle is 60 cm in length and diameter of 11 cm approximately.

When opened, it has 60 cm wide, 180 cm long (including the pillow) and 3 cm high (from the foam when “inflated”).

Pillow: The pad comes with a pillow “docked” at the top, that is, you do not need to bring your pillow. But as the inflation it is independent of the rest of the pad, if you prefer to use loose pillow, just don’t inflate the pillow area.

Brackets to join: On both sides of the pad, there are 5 brackets that can be used to join with other mat equal, thus creating a “double mat”.

Tapes: The pad comes with two adjustable ribbons, attached to buckles, to keep it wrapped.

Repair Kit: If the pad stick, the product comes with a repair kit with a coke and two pieces of fabric.

How it works

Body: As we mentioned before, the body of the pad is made of a foam. Thus, the course he and open the valve, the foam begins to inflate by pulling the air through the valve. If it has not been kept wrapped for a long time, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for him to be inflated.

The inner foam is not too thick that is what causes it to be lighter and less bulky than other similar, however this “smoothness” can cause he’s not too comfortable for heavier people since it easily “knead”. Its density can be compared like that of some bath sponges.

If kept inflated long enough, can take a long time for him to be inflated. See more about this in the item “storage” just below.

After it is inflated, with about of 3 cm high in the whole body, close the valve, so that the air does not come out when you lie down on it.

In time to use it, put down the side valves.

Important to note: This product is an exercise mat autoinflável, but what shapes to your body’s inner foam and not the air is an air mattress, so it should be filled with air – in doing so, it will be deformed and can stick or blow.

Pillow: To inflate, simply blow through the valve, as if it were a children’s ball. It only takes a few assoprões and he quickly will be full.
Thermal insulation: Although not disclose as thermal insulator, this type of equipment usually has a good performance in this functionality. In the tests we did, he offered a good insulation from the cold and soil moisture, but still not use it in the winter, in the southern region. Once we have that opportunity (in the coming months), we will give our opinion about how was your performance in this regard.
Storage: In time to save the exercise mat, let he unwound, with semi-open valve so that the foam can be inflated in your original format. Keep it so inflated. Hang the door, place the back of the closet, under the bed, or other place that allows him to be stretched and inflated.

If it is kept wrapped for a long time, the foam is mashed and will take a long time to get back to your original format. That’s what will probably happen the first time you open it. Our Tip: as soon as you buy, unwind, open the valve, let him inflate and let him already inflated – just scroll back in time when you are packing for camp. So your filling will be much faster: some minutes and he is already in the original format.

Ever thought of getting at Camp tired, eager to lie down, and the mattress take to inflate because the foam is crushed? No one deserves! Avoid this unpleasant situation keeping it open. This also causes the foam it stays fluffy for longer, increasing the useful life of the equipment.

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Our opinion

The pad is very practical! And has an excellent cost benefit to anyone looking for this type of equipment. The 3 cm height make it more comfortable than an insulator of EVA. It also is much more practical than the inflatable mattresses, since you don’t need a pump to fill, no need to waste time blowing. Just open and in a few minutes it is ready to be used. With its 800 g, this model is also lighter than other mattresses.

Positive Points: It is practical and has a great cost benefit.Meets well the function to which it proposes, is lightweight and relatively comfortable.
Negative Points: Can be short for people with more than 1.80 m. little dense foam may not offer good comfort for heavier people.

Recommended use: Recommended to be used in any kind of camp, including treks (considering the weight). Should not be placed on soil with rocks or sharp objects that may puncture the fabric.

Technical Data

Origin: Imported product
Price: 49.50 R$ (exclusive sale on the website of Dalar Store)
Color: Blue or green
Weight: 800 g
Material: Polyester and PVC
Comes with bag for transport
Comes with repair kit

This product was provided by Dalar Store, but does not represent a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand.Learn more about our policies on Reviews.