Review Of The Multipurpose Folding Pot Of Cheetah

After making a first review on the Squeeze Foldable Compactthe goal now is to talk about the MULTIPURPOSE FOLDING COMPACT POT, i.e. what in day-to-day use as dish or container.

We were in search of lightweight materials and small when we chose to take and use this product, mainly as a dish during the trip. The tests were done by Luiza, FuiAcampar team, during a 15-day trip to the coast of Paraná. The goal was to get compact materials, since the trip was made with only a backpack without the comfort and facilities that a road trip offers. For meals, in addition to the Multipurpose Folding Compact Pot (plate and pot), also tested the Folding Compact Squeeze of the Cheetah.

The general impression is that the product is truly multipurpose: can be used as a pot to save food, as container for the preparation of food or as a dish for meals. Is useful, especially for more structured camps (and preferably away from the beach!).

Grants below our views on several aspects:


Size/format: The main feature of the product shall be foldable and malleable. When open, it gets 7 cm in height and 3.5 cm when folded, This possibility of two sizes and the fact be silicone (unbreakable) were the reasons why I chose to take him to camp.

Weight: Because it is made of a silicone material, the product is heavy. With their 286g, he leaves something to be desired for people who are looking to reduce weight in the backpack.

Material: The silicone type with which the product is made is a species of rubber, which has a very striking feature: he attracts sand. The sand sticks to this material and does not leave until it is washed with water. It’s no good just to touch, she won’t let go. This just negatively influencing my impression about the product, because as I was traveling all the time for beaches, the contact of the pot with sand on a daily basis was inevitable, and every time I needed to use, had that before washing to remove the sand that was stuck.

Cover: The pot has a lid that is useful for storing food. When closed, it prevents the entry of animals, but, despite having a sealing system, it does not prevent air exchange with the external environment.

Resistance: The material with which the product is made is quite tough and flexible, i.e. during the trip I could put it in the backpack and didn’t have to worry about breaking or kneading.Super positive factor. According to the manufacturer the pot can also be used in the freezer or microwave, although we have not tested this way.


Pot/container: Serves for preparation and storage of any type of food, which can be well protected when used with the lid.

Dish: This was how the product was used in day to day camping with a sleeping bag. As a pot, the depth of it hinders a little your use as dish, but I quickly realized that keeping the “folded”, your utility as dish was great (of course, only slowing down a bit the area). Another feature is that, it’s not hard, it’s silicone, can not get excited with the use of sharp knives and pointed.


Evaluation and Information

Positive Point: Takes up little space when closed and is quite versatile and unbreakable.

Negative points: Is relatively heavy and is produced with a rubberized material in which the sand is stuck when you touch him. The cover seal leaves something to be desired and the use of knives should be moderate.

Recommendation of use: In any type of camping or road trip in which the weight is not a decisive factor. Avoid using in locations where the appliance will have a lot of contact with soil or sand. It is also very useful to be used in daily life, in the House.

Average price: R$ 51.00

Manufacturer: Product imported from China.

Product data

Multipurpose Folding Compact Pot

Material: Silicone

Capacity: 720 ml

Color: Moss Green

Open size: 18.5 x 18.5 x 7 cm

Folded size: 18.5 x 18.5 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 286g

This product was provided by Mark Cheetah, but is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.