The First Camp With My Son-By Victor De Martino

Submitted by: Victor De Martino
Site History: Mountain region of Rio de Janeiro
Date of the story: February 2016
Long before Arthur was born, I was planning to take him to camp. All my life I heard my father telling numerous stories of camp in your youth, all filled with adventures and unexpected situations, which later yielded great laughs at the dinner table.Unfortunately, for various reasons that don’t fit here, until today we can’t go camping together. Maybe now we can, three generations at once. Anyway, I really wanted to give my son that experience, mainly because of five reasons why understand that everyone should take their sons and daughters for camping:
1) depriving yourself of some comfort: Camping is deprive themselves of bed, air conditioning, continental breakfast waiting for you, the internet, the times of the hot shower and many other things. It’s very nice to know that you can live a while and enjoy a nice trip without all this.
2) immersion in nature: Although you can do hiking trails through the Woods and drop in waterfalls even staying in a hotel, the experience of sleep, wake up, cooking and eating surrounded by trees, listening to crickets, cicadas and other animals, goes way beyond that. You feel really close to wildlife.
3) “If virômetro”: in life, it is essential to be able to adapt to unexpected situations, inadequate or insufficient resources. Few activities teach you that as camp. You have to make do with what’s available. Patching tent with silvertape, use fallen branch to support the canvas etc.
4) Organization and discipline: it is always a good idea to be organized at the time of travel. Now when your hosting is a tent, if you don’t know what you’re getting with minimal planning and how to store things inside the tent during the trip, will turn the chaos and you can lose a lot of things.
5) doing together: perhaps the coolest aspect of camping is that the activities are made together. Set up tent: teamwork. Cook: everybody puts his hand in the cookie jar. Out for a track: each take your share of the burden.
Thinking about all this, so Arthur completed four years ago, my wife and I decided to take him to camp twice in a short space of time, both in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. First, we camped for three days and two nights in Teresópolis, Camping Quinta da Barra ( br). Then we spent a year at the headquarters of Guapimirim Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos (
These two short experiences provided an evolution with regard to challenges of camping, which was very interesting for who was starting the son in this activity. The first camping in an area 250 tents, there was only our. The space offers two bathrooms, one male and one female, each with eight hot showers and eight toilets. In addition, there is a large sink with a table next to dishwashers and cooking using your stove and, finally, various points of electricity, which allowed us to put an outlet antimosquito outside the tent. All this infrastructure exclusively for us. To make things better, not a drop of rain.
In Guapimirim, the sleeping bag was different. I really liked the camping there as well. But, being a Carnival, was pretty full. There were only eight toilets in total and four showers available, all ice cream. The sink for cooking had been dominated by a large family that came before, as well as the only two available outlets. So no tomadinha antimosquito. To complete. on our first day on the site, it rained and was not little. The borrowed tent, a Coleman Hooligan for three people, behaved beautifully. Even so, turns that scads of mud and we end up trapped inside the tent. After that, it was all sunshine and blue skies on the trip.
At the end of the two camps, believe that Arthur got experience to a greater or lesser degree each of those five reasons quoted above. Even the fifth, which is to do everything together. He always wanted to help us Cook, pack up the tent, filling the mattress. Even though, at the age of four, he wasn’t much help, we always encouraged to participate.
The most important of all is that Arthur liked the experience, even the hassles. Of course there were moments in a bad mood, “I don’t want it, don’t want it”, in particular with regard to the cold shower. It is normal in age. But most of the time, we had a great time camping, walking, cooking, diving in the icy waterfalls etc. After all, having fun is all that really matters when we travel and family fun is what didn’t.