The Outdoor Scene

This year, the outdoors scene was always clouded by small scandals. Here once again a professional sportsman claims something which is not true, there someone is accused of the untruth. One has the feeling in a kindergarten to be landed. But it is more about adult girls: ambition, ego and, of course, the money. This is the part of the outdoor scene that I do not want to do, and I am sorry for the people who are trapped in this circus.

Christmas Story With #Ilovelaufbursche

But the fact that there is also another scene, shows me the action#ilovelaufbursche. Mateusz, the founder of running shoes and producer of countless first-class, hand-made UL backpacks, got the diagnosis of cancer at the beginning of the year. A bitter blow for him and his little cottage. This resulted in a monthly production loss.

In turn, many friends, customers, and people who have not bought a sleeping bag from insurancejust or know it personally, organized a donation call. A superschöne reaction, which fits excellently in this #Outdooradvent and showed me that in 2016 still enough selfless people exist. Even better is this illustrated by the progress of history.

Shortly after the first treatment of Mateusz it becomes clear that it is not easy.Again and again there are complications that cost him a lower leg. You can quickly imagine what this means for someone who has devoted his life to hiking! In addition, problems arise on the second leg and the formation of metastases. So the full program.

In all this time Mateusz is supported with nice greetings, prayers but also money from the scene. Again and again community members raffle their last shirt or the last rucksack and donate the entire income to Mateusz. The whole goes even through various communities, so that in the ultralight trekking forum was gathered to raffle something in the Bushcraft forum. All keep together to support Mateusz as much as possible.

Customers from all over the world post photos of their LaBu products and provide them with the Hashtag #ilovelaufbursche. Even from distant Japan come tweets with this hashtag:
This spirit has been maintained by many donors throughout the year. It was not a one-time action at Christmas, but a great cohesion and a nice experience for all involved.

I continue to keep Mateusz’s fingers crossed, and I hope he will soon be recovering. Until then, we can continue to support him!

But There Is More!

Also among the outdoor bloggers one notes the family cohesion more than ever. I have not been so active in recent years. But it is precisely he current Advent calendar of the outdoor blogger, but also the good communication among one another agree me positively for the coming year!


The founding of the outdoor blogger network, or OBN for a long time, was also such a thing. We wanted to build a professional network that came from the ranks of the bloggers and is not a PR agency, “which also does what with blogs”. I believe that this was quite successful at the time. Although I took leave of the operational business at the beginning of the year at the OBN, I am proud of the company and the fact that what has now been established. Keep it up!

Ultralight Trekking Forum

By the way, I also run the ultralight trekking forum. One of the reasons why not much time for this blog remains here. Of course you have to fight in a forum always with trolls and other unshakable problems, but thisyear’s autumn meeting once again showed why the whole thing is worthwhile. Our small community reflects only a very small part of the outdoor scene, the more intense the sense of community.


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