To Work Properly The Back Doing Rowing with Macuernas

The back It is one of the most important parts of the body at the time of training, and is an excellent exercise for its work the dumbbell row horizontal bench, which can be very effective and seem very simple, but for these results we show you some tips to work properly the back with this movement.

Firstly, when we put ourselves on the bench, arm whose hand has the dumbbell should align with the shoulder in initial position, and back should not be curved in the lumbar area, because we could concentrate the effort in a wrong area and then suffer unwanted hassles. Thus, the best is to keep the keep your back straight.

To start the exercise, It is recommended to combine a good breathing with movement, so when we bend the elbow to bring the dumbbell upward we must take air, getting the dorsal and check that the weight is parallel to our body, not higher than our trunk. There we keep the dumbbell a few seconds and slowly descend while we let the air.

It is essential do not bend the trunk or attempting to move it When execute the movement, not to affect the lower back but focus work on the upper back above all.