Verro 600, Clean Swimming Pools

If you are one of those people who have the luck to have private swimming pool, it is not my case, unfortunately, you can confirm the fact that clean it tends to be quite heavy, or at least was until now, especially if within the pool there were architectural drop-offs like stairs.

But as technology increasingly are looking for more solutions for everything, that problem is over, thanks to Verro 600 a robot that is immersed in your pool and clean without any kind of problem inside, dirt, remainders of leaves, etc, and also continental system of internal filtering that prevents you having to limiarla. Buy a swimwear via Philosophynearby.

The only bad thing is the gadget is the price, no less than $1000, although there is a slightly smaller model a little more – Varat – cheap, the Verro 300 and 500 Vero.