What Should I Pay Attention, If i Me a Caravan Anschaffe

Planning to buy a caravan? Great! The purchase of a caravan is a great investment and a good purchase having fun there for years. It is important to orient so that you eventually buy the caravans which suits you well. We give away with some tips on the!

Draw weight car

First, it is very important to know how much weight can pull your car. It’s in your vehicle papers. Best of the draw weight braked off, go out because almost all caravans are muzzled. The unrestrained draw weight is not important in this case. The weight of the caravan must be no higher than the weight of the car. If your car up to 1300 kg can pull z.B, the caravan must be of course not heavier. When buying a caravan different spas about size and weight meet you, we tell you:

Max axle load (kg) 1500

Curb weight (kg) 1210

Basic equipment (kg) 74

Mass ready for use (kg) 1284

Loading capacity (kg) 216

  • Maximale axle load

This is the maximum weight your caravan should weigh, including cargo.

  • Leergewicht

This is the weight without charge.

  • Basis equipment

This weight is based on a percentage of your camping equipment such as gas bottles and a water tank filled. The base equipment depends z.B how many bottles they have and whether the water tank 100% is filled.

  • Masse ready for use

This is the empty weight + the basic equipment.

  • ladevermoegen

The loading capacity is the weight, that is, when you subtract mass ready to drive the maximum axle load. This weight is populated with z.b your tent, camping gear and personal items.

Good used or new caravan?

Now you know how much weight can pull your car, we come to the next question: are you looking for a new or used caravan? In both cases, there is a large selection. With good maintenance, the caravan has a long life and this a good rating. Camping with a caravan makes more affordable than you think.

With how many people occupy the caravan?

You are as a couple, then you should decide better with a smaller trailer. But want to look at different formats with the family on holiday and then decide which trailer best for you is appropriate.



A bunch of each interior has options for sleeping bags. You want a fixed bed, a Queen size bed, several beds or perhaps a bunkbed for the kids? Do you want a straight or round seating area? You can so get your caravan, it as you want! We show you a few photos to stimulate your inspiration.