Benefits and Care to Ride a Bike

Cycling regularly brings benefits like improving the mood, because it releases serotonin in the bloodstream and also improves blood circulation, useful to combat the swelling and fluid retention. But, other benefits that are equally important include:

  1. Lose weightbecause it is an exercise in he spends about 200 calories in 30 minutes;
  2. Thicken the legsbecause it strengthens this muscle, being useful also to combat cellulite in this region;
  3. To strengthen the immune system, leaving the body more resistant to micro-organisms;
  4. To improve heart healthbecause with the physical conditioning of the heart may make less effort to pump the same amount of blood;
  5. Increasing respiratory capacitybecause it promotes expansion of the lungs, there is greater oxygenation of the blood;
  6. To speed up the metabolism, making the individual to expend more calories even when you are stopped.

Benefits and Care to Ride a Bike 1

For anyone who is very overweight, cycling is preferred to walking or running because there is less impact on the joints. However, for cycling and not harm the column is important to use the right size of the bike and put the saddle and the handlebars at the correct height.

Care to ride a bike safely

Some care important to ride your bike safely are:

  • Adjust the saddle and handlebars at the correct height. The ideal is that, when pedaling, the knees are able to stand almost straight and that it is possible to ride with an upright back and not curved. A good tip is to stay to the side of the bike and adjust the saddle to the same height of the hip;

Benefits and Care to Ride a Bike 2

  • Start slowly. If you are not used to ride bicycle must not ride for more than half an hour to not force too much the legs. When the body start to get used to it, and cycling is getting too easy, adjust the gait to a stronger& or change the path, preferring streets with some uphill;
  • Have a bottle of wateror some isotonic drink to drink while biking;
  • Spend a sunscreenon all exposed skin to the sun and, if possible, use sunglasses to not force the view;
  • Check if the tires are properly filled, and the conservation status of the bicycle to avoid accidents;
  • Search for a safe place to ride your bike. As not all streets have bike lanes, it is better to opt for the streets less crowded;
  • If possible use a helmetto protect the head in crashes.

By following these care, you can take best advantage of this physical activity, however, before starting any type of exercise is recommended a medical consultation to check the health of the heart.

Benefits and Care to Ride a Bike 3