Breno Bearing Account As He Did the Race in Your Sport

The race is one of the most complete that exist. The sport works all the muscle groups, aid in cardiovascular health, and fights diabetes, boosts the metabolism and improves memory. With so many benefits, the modality is gaining more adherents here. A study carried out in 2015 by the Institute Vision revealed that this is the fifth sport practiced by brazilians today.

Breno Bearing Account As He Did the Race in Your Sport

Breno Assumption is in the statistics. The advertising mining is a half-marathon six years ago, since when he moved to São Paulo, in 2011, to work in an agency and take care of the account of a large sports brand. At the time, the company promoted a relay race of 600 km, which had the start in Ibirapuera park, in são paulo, and ended on the beach of Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro.

By the middle of the work, Breno became interested in the world of the race and started to practice the sport. Then, he began to make part of the team of runners Closeyros, a project headed by the empowering digital Magá Moura, with the support of Nike. “She called me to be one of the ambassadors of this crew. With this, I help to pull the group, I give tips for the runners and give a support in the organization of training sessions, especially when the Magá is traveling,” he explains.

Workouts and competitions

Although he has already participated in competitions (the first half marathon was in 2015), currently Breno prefer to train alone and establish their own goals. “In 2018 should I do the marathon of the River, in June. But I have not done many proofs, because I think they are more interesting for who is starting to run,” he explains. “If the person runs, for example, two or three kilometers, it is legal to make a proof of 5k to challenge yourself. But in my current stage, I prefer to make a longão (training varies between 11 km and 15 km) for their own account, and not in competition,” he adds.

But the rule can be broken once in a while. Recently, Breno took part in a competition of 21 km, in São Paulo. For this, he had a special preparation. During the whole week, did weight training for strengthening of muscles and, at the end of the week previous to the test, ran a few miles to get on the pace.

The food is also special in the days leading up to the race. “In the week before the race, I have a greater control of food to increase my performance of the tests. Avoid alcohol, white flour and fats. If you are eating carbs, opt for a healthy source, such as the sweet potato. This leaves my body light and he feels the benefits of a eating routine more organized,” he explains.

The diet prepared by her nutritionist always includes egg, especially in the post-workout to promote muscle recovery. Among the sources of carbohydrates, Breno consumes the gluten-free bread Jasmine and cereals, such as granola. “I really like to eat natural yoghurt, which is more healthy, with Granola and some like Stevia. Another thing that I love is the acai berry with this cereal. Are things very healthy and tasty”.

For breakfast, Breno still gives two suggestions: it does not open hand of the combination of lemon, honey and ginger powder. The mix is a great detoxifier and is rich in antioxidants, which help to maintain health in the day. Your coffee is enhanced with cinnamon, coconut oil and cocoa powder.

To complete the first meal of the day, the marathoner you like to prepare a powerful juice detox. The recipe varies according to the ingredients you have in the fridge, such as green apple, pineapple, kale, ginger, lemon, cucumber and japanese mint, mixed with the flour of green banana and collagen. “On a trip to Mexico, I learned to add garlic in the juice, which is a food extremely healthy. When I use this item, along with a beet to balance the taste,” suggests.

Want to run also? Before you begin, consult a physician, who will carry out all examinations and shall authorize the practice of physical activity. Do not open hand of the accompaniment of a physical educator, to establish the best pace for your training, and a professional who can indicate the proper diet to your needs and goals.