Calhoun County, South Carolina

Calhoun County, South Carolina

According to, Calhoun County is located in the south-central part of South Carolina, nestled between the Savannah and Santee rivers. With an estimated population of 15,000 people, Calhoun County covers an area of 803 square miles and is home to two towns: St. Matthews and Cameron.

The county seat is St. Matthews, which has a population of around 2,000 people and serves as the commercial hub for the county. The town is home to several historic sites such as the Old St. Matthews Courthouse (built in 1844) and a number of historical churches. Popular activities in St. Matthews include fishing at nearby lakes or rivers, visiting local wineries or exploring various museums around town.

Cameron is a small town with a population of about 500 people located just east of St. Matthews on Highway 378. The town offers a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, camping and canoeing on nearby Lake Marion or taking in some local history at one of its museums such as the Calhoun County Museum or the Cameron Historical Society Museum & Library.

Calhoun County’s economy relies mainly on agriculture with cotton being one of its main crops along with soybeans, corn, peanuts and wheat being grown in smaller amounts throughout the county’s farms and plantations. Other industries in Calhoun County include manufacturing, tourism and retail trade while its service sector includes health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes as well as educational institutions like Central Carolina Technical College located in Cameron which provides various career training programs for locals looking to advance their skillset or change careers altogether.

Calhoun County also has many recreational opportunities available for residents including golf courses at Pine Hill Country Club or Palmetto Golf Course; lakeside parks like Lake Warren State Park; camping sites like Big Pine Campground; hunting grounds like Huggins WMA; boat ramps on Lake Marion; ATV trails at Bear Swamp OHV Trail System; disc golfing at Beach Island State Park; bird watching at Pimlico Wildlife Management Area; cycling paths along Highway 378; equestrian trails throughout Calhoun County’s forests; shooting ranges near St Matthew’s Gun club; tennis courts at Woodland Park Tennis Complex; and even water sports areas like Big Pine Landing Marina.

With its mix of rural charm, outdoor recreation opportunities, cultural attractions and economic opportunities that span from agriculture to manufacturing to tourism, there’s something for everyone in Calhoun County.

Calhoun County, South Carolina

History of Calhoun County, South Carolina

Calhoun County is located in the state of South Carolina and is home to many historic sites. The county was founded in 1908 and named after John Caldwell Calhoun, who served as Vice President of the United States from 1825 to 1832. The county covers approximately 545 square miles and has a population of around 15,000 people.

The area was once inhabited by the Catawba Indians, who were later displaced by European settlers in the late 1700s. During the American Revolutionary War, battles were fought in what is now Calhoun County between British loyalists and American patriots. After the war, settlers began to move into the area and establish plantations that grew cotton as their main crop.

By the mid-1800s, Calhoun County had become one of South Carolina’s most prosperous counties due to its agricultural production. In addition to cotton, other crops such as wheat and corn were also grown here. The county was also home to many churches and schools during this period of time, which helped educate local residents on various topics such as literature and mathematics.

During the Civil War, Calhoun County saw a number of battles between Union forces and Confederate troops. Afterward, Reconstruction efforts began in order to rebuild the region’s infrastructure as well as its economy. This included efforts to diversify agricultural production while also developing manufacturing industries such as textiles and furniture making throughout the county’s townships.

In recent decades, economic development has continued with new businesses coming into Calhoun County while traditional industries such as agriculture remain strong contributors to its overall economy. Tourism has also become an important part of life in Calhoun County with popular attractions like Lake Marion State Park offering visitors a chance to explore nature while taking part in recreational activities like fishing or boating on its waters.

Today, Calhoun County is a vibrant community with an interesting history that continues to shape its culture today through its unique blend of rural charm, outdoor recreation opportunities, cultural attractions and economic opportunities that span from agriculture to manufacturing to tourism.

Major cities and towns in Calhoun County, South Carolina

The county seat of Calhoun County, South Carolina is St. Matthews, located in the northeastern corner of the county. St. Matthews has a population of around 4,000 people and is home to several historic sites, including the Old St. Matthews Presbyterian Church and the Calhoun County Courthouse, both dating back to the early 19th century. The town also offers a variety of shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

Located in the western part of Calhoun County is Cameron, a small town with a population of around 500 people. This small town is known for its rural charm and stunning views of Lake Marion State Park, making it an ideal spot for outdoor activities like fishing or hiking along its many trails. Cameron is also home to several historic buildings from the late 1800s including several churches and an old schoolhouse.

Calhoun Falls is located in central Calhoun County and has been referred to as one of South Carolina’s “hidden gems” due to its stunning views of Lake Russell and surrounding forests. This small town has a population of around 1,100 people and offers plenty of recreational opportunities such as fishing at its local marina or hiking along one of its many trails that wind through the area’s forests.

Located in northwestern Calhoun County is Sandy Run which boasts a population of just over 1,000 people. Sandy Run offers visitors an array of activities such as boating on Lake Marion or visiting one of its nearby parks like Fort Watson State Historic Site which dates back to 1780 when it served as an outpost during the American Revolutionary War period.

The last major city in Calhoun County is Hilda which lies along I-26 and has a population of just over 2,000 people. Hilda offers plenty for visitors to do from shopping at one of its many stores or enjoying some live music at The Bootlegger Bar & Grill which features weekly performances from local musicians throughout the year. Hilda also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year ranging from food festivals like The South Carolina BBQ Festival to art festivals like The Spring Arts & Crafts Festival which features handmade works from local artisans throughout South Carolina.

Airports in Calhoun County, South Carolina

According to Countryaah, Calhoun County, South Carolina is home to two major airports that offer a variety of services to residents and visitors alike. The first is the Orangeburg Regional Airport (OGB) which is located just outside of Orangeburg, the county seat. OGB offers both commercial and private flights, as well as charter services for those who need to travel further afield. It also provides air cargo services for businesses in the area. With its two runways, OGB can accommodate aircraft of all sizes including small single-engine planes to large airliners.

The second airport in Calhoun County is the Bamberg County Airport (BAM), located just outside of Bamberg. BAM offers more limited services than OGB but still provides travelers with a convenient option for getting around the region. BAM has one runway and can accommodate small aircraft such as gliders and ultra-light planes. It also has a restaurant and lounge on site, making it an ideal spot for pilots or passengers looking for a bite to eat before or after their flight.

Both airports offer a variety of amenities such as car rental services, baggage handling, ground transportation options, and fuel services. They also have on-site mechanics who can provide maintenance and repair services if needed. Furthermore, both airports are conveniently located near hotels and restaurants so travelers can easily find lodging or grab a bite to eat before their flight or upon arrival back in town.

Calhoun County’s two airports provide locals and visitors alike with plenty of options when it comes to air travel within South Carolina and beyond. Whether you’re flying in from out of state or simply need an easy way to get around the area quickly, these two airports are sure to meet your needs.