Cass County, North Dakota

Cass County, North Dakota

According to, Cass County, North Dakota is situated in the eastern part of the state and covers an area of 1,966 square miles. The county seat is Fargo, which is the largest city in North Dakota and home to North Dakota State University. Cass County was established in 1873 and named after George Washington Cass, a general in the American Civil War.

The population of Cass County as of 2019 was estimated to be 191,726 people. Of this population, about 82% are White alone (not Hispanic or Latino), 6% are Black or African American alone (not Hispanic or Latino), 4% are Hispanic or Latino, 3% are Asian alone (not Hispanic or Latino), 1% are Native American alone (not Hispanic or Latino) and 4% are from two or more races (not Hispanic or Latino). The median household income for Cass County is $60,859 with a poverty rate of 12%.

Cass County has a rich agricultural economy with corn, wheat and soybeans being the main crops grown in the area. Other major industries include manufacturing, retail trade, health care and social assistance. The county also has a vibrant service sector with many restaurants and other businesses offering services to local residents.

The county also offers plenty of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy including camping at Lake Ashtabula State Park as well as hiking trails at Sheyenne National Grassland which offers stunning views of the surrounding prairie landscape. There are also several museums located throughout the county including Bonanzaville USA which features interactive exhibits on early life in North Dakota as well as Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site which tells stories about early settlers to this region.

Cass County provides its residents with many opportunities for economic growth while still offering plenty of recreational activities that can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for a place to start your business or just looking for some outdoor fun there’s something here for everyone in Cass County.

Cass County, North Dakota

History of Cass County, North Dakota

Cass County, North Dakota is located in the eastern central part of the state and has an area of 1,966 square miles. The county seat is Fargo, which is the largest city in North Dakota and home to North Dakota State University. Cass County was established in 1873 and named after George Washington Cass, a general in the American Civil War.

The county has a rich history dating back to when it was first populated by Native American tribes such as the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara and Sioux. These tribes were primarily hunter-gatherers who lived off of the land until they were forced to relocate due to westward expansion by settlers during the 1800s.

In 1871, General Alfred Sully led a military expedition through the area which eventually led to settlement of what is now known as Cass County. In 1872, a group of settlers led by Alexander Griggs founded Fargo and began to develop it into a town with businesses and homes being built throughout the area.

In 1873, Cass County was officially established with its boundaries being determined by an act of legislature from that year. Over time more settlers began arriving in this region looking for a new life on the frontier. They brought with them skills such as farming and ranching which helped shape much of what we now know today as modern day Cass County.

By 1900 there were over 10,000 people living within its borders making it one of the most populated counties in North Dakota at that time. This population growth was largely due to increased rail transportation into Fargo which allowed more people to move into this region from other parts of the United States.

As time progressed so did technology which allowed for better agricultural methods such as irrigation systems and crop rotation which helped increase yields for farmers throughout Cass County making it one of the largest agricultural producers in North Dakota today.

Throughout its history, Cass County has remained predominantly rural with agriculture remaining its primary industry even today although there have been some changes over time such as increased urbanization around cities like Fargo and West Fargo along with development in other areas within its borders which have allowed for more diverse economic opportunities within this region over recent years.

Major cities and towns in Cass County, North Dakota

Cass County, North Dakota is home to a number of cities and towns that have been shaped by the area’s long history. The county seat is Fargo, which was founded in 1872 and is the largest city in the state, with a population of 118,523 as of 2019. It is home to many industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and education. It has become a regional hub for business and culture in the region and has an array of attractions that include museums, theaters, art galleries, and public parks.

West Fargo is another prominent city located within Cass County. Founded in 1926 as a result of the railroads coming through the area at that time, it now has a population of 33,440 as of 2019. West Fargo has become known for its vibrant downtown district with numerous shops and restaurants lining Main Avenue. It also hosts numerous events throughout the year such as an annual summer festival and parades on Memorial Day and Independence Day.

The village of Casselton is located just outside Fargo’s city limits and had a population of 2,127 according to 2019 estimates. It was founded in 1879 by German settlers who were attracted to this region due to its fertile soil which made it ideal for farming. The village remains primarily agricultural today but also offers some other amenities like parks and restaurants for visitors to enjoy during their stay here.

The small town of Harwood is located along the Red River Valley near West Fargo with a population estimated at 827 people according to 2019 estimates. This town was originally settled by Norwegian immigrants in 1878 who were drawn to this area due its flat terrain which made it perfect for farming activities like raising crops or livestock. Today, Harwood still retains much of its rural charm with several farms still operating within its borders as well as some local restaurants offering homemade food from locally sourced ingredients.

Finally, there is Mapleton which had an estimated population of 1,064 people according to 2019 estimates. This small town was founded in 1881 when settlers from Wisconsin began moving into this region looking for new opportunities on the frontier lands out west at that time period. Today, Mapleton still retains much of its rural character although it does offer some services such as schools and churches for those living here or passing through on their travels through Cass County North Dakota.

Airports in Cass County, North Dakota

According to Countryaah, Cass County, North Dakota is home to several airports that offer a variety of services for both private and commercial pilots. The largest of these is the Hector International Airport located in Fargo. This airport has been in operation since the 1950s and serves as the main hub for commercial airlines in the region. It offers a variety of services such as general aviation, cargo operations, and scheduled passenger flights to cities throughout North America. The airport also features a large terminal building with several shops and restaurants as well as a car rental facility.

The Grand Forks International Airport is another major airport located in Cass County, North Dakota. This airport was originally established during World War II and has since grown to become one of the busiest airports in the state, offering scheduled flights to cities throughout the United States and Canada. Aside from regular passenger service, this airport also provides air freight service for businesses needing to transport goods quickly between destinations.

The Jamestown Regional Airport is yet another major airport located within Cass County, North Dakota. It serves mainly general aviation purposes but also offers limited commercial flights to various destinations throughout the United States. The airport features a terminal building with several shops and restaurants as well as car rental facilities for those who need them while on their travels through Cass County North Dakota.

Finally, there is Devils Lake Regional Airport which is located near Devils Lake State Park just outside of Fargo city limits. This airport mainly serves general aviation purposes but does offer some limited commercial flights to select cities within the United States such as Minneapolis-St Paul or Chicago-O’Hare International Airports among others. In addition to its regular services this airport also provides hangar space for private aircraft owners who need somewhere secure to store their planes when not flying them around Cass County North Dakota or beyond its borders into other parts of the country or world at large.