Differences Between Water Aerobics and Hydrotherapy

Both the water aerobics, as the hydrotherapy consist of exercises performed in a swimming pool, however, these are activities that have exercises and different goals, and are also guided by professional different.

Differences Between Water Aerobics and Hydrotherapy 1

Aqua aerobics is a set of exercises done in a swimming pool as regular practice of physical activity, being guided by a physical education professional. Among its benefits are weight loss, improved cardiorespiratory conditioning, stress relief, anxiety, and the strengthening of the muscles. Get to know 10 benefits that gymnastics has to the health.

Already hydrotherapy is a modality guided by a physical therapist, and has as its object the recovery of an injury in any part of the body, being a great way to supplement the program of physical therapy treatment.

Differences Between Water Aerobics and Hydrotherapy 2

Hydrotherapy also improves the quality of life of its practitioners, however it is a therapeutic resource used in physiotherapy to obtain an accelerated recovery and effective of the patients. The exercises used in hydrotherapy are customized for each individual, with the objective of facilitating his rehabilitation and, generally, this therapy is indicated for orthopedic injuries, muscle, neurological, and respiratory, for example. Learn what are the exercises that are performed in hydrotherapy.

Differences Between Water Aerobics and Hydrotherapy 3

According to the guidelines of CONFEF, only who can teach the water aerobics classes is the physical educator, and according to the COFITO only one who can give the lesson of hydrotherapy is the physiotherapist, and both of the professionals follow these guidelines, as they have goals and methods as different from one another.