Exercises to Stop Cellulite

These 3 exercises to stop cellulite at home also enrijecem and increase the glutes and also help to drain the excess liquid from the region, improving the appearance by diminishing the degree of the cellulite.

However, to be able to completely eliminate the cellulite, in addition to performing these exercises correctly, it is important not to consume alcoholic drinks, industrialized juices, soft drinks, or consume foods rich in fat or in sugar, by adopting this new habit as a lifestyle to achieve good results.

The exercises to end with cellulite, that can be done at home, are:

Exercise 1

Lying belly up, raise the pelvic floor, contracting the muscles of the buttocks. Do 3 sets of 8 elevations, with rest of 30 seconds between each series.

Exercises to Stop Cellulite 1

Exercise 2

Stay in the position 4 support, with hands and knees on the floor, keeping the spine straight, raise one of the legs laterally, as shown in the image. Do 3 sets of 8 elevations, with rest of 30 seconds between each series.

Exercise 3

In the position 4 support, with the forearms and knees on the floor, lift one of the legs, and the contraction will be small. It is not necessary to place the knee close to the ground, but leave the leg always at the same height of the back and lift from this height, as shown in image 3.

Exercises to Stop Cellulite 2

At the academy, the class of jump can also help combat cellulite. Learn more in: Class jump makes you lose weight and combat cellulite.

If you feel any pain or discomfort in the knees, hip, or spine when you perform these exercises, it is best to seek professional help. A coach may indicate to personally a series of exercises for the glutes that can be done in the gym, to supplement this at home treatment. However, the weight cannot be too heavy because this may even worsen the cellulite because the fibers that support the skin can repuxar even more skin, showing evidence of cellulite.

Another important tip to beat cellulite is to pass creams anti-cellulite in the affected regions daily. Lymphatic drainage sessions are also be a good help, but there are still devices aesthetic that can be used to eliminate cellulite, such as the ultrashape, lipocavitação and radio frequency, for example.

Exercises to Stop Cellulite 3