Garfield County, Utah

Garfield County, Utah

According to, Garfield County is located in Central Utah and is home to the city of Panguitch. The county has a population of approximately 5,000 people and covers an area of 2,179 square miles. It is bordered by Kane County to the north, San Juan County to the east, Piute County to the south, and Sevier County to the west.

The county was created in 1882 and named after James A. Garfield, who was President of the United States at the time. The county seat is Panguitch which is also the largest city in Garfield County with a population of about 1,600 people.

The landscape of Garfield County consists mostly of high desert plateaus with an elevation range from 4,500 feet to 13,000 feet above sea level. The terrain is mostly flat with a few scattered mesas and mountains rising from it’s surface. There are several rivers that flow through Garfield including the Sevier River which forms part of its western boundary with Sevier County; as well as numerous creeks which feed into it’s many reservoirs such as Otter Creek Reservoir and Panguitch Lake.

The climate in Garfield County can be generally described as semi-arid or high desert with hot summers and cold winters due to its elevation range and location within Utah’s Great Basin region. Average temperatures range from -26°F during winter months up to 97°F during summer months; while average annual precipitation ranges from 8-14 inches per year depending on location within the county; creating a unique environment for recreational activities such as camping, fishing, hunting & hiking among others due to its variety of landscapes & ecosystems ranging from mountain forests & meadows down through sagebrush steppes & juniper woodlands into grasslands & riparian habitats along its waterways.

Garfield County also offers plenty of recreational opportunities such as skiing at Brian Head Resort or golfing at Red Canyon Golf Course; while also being home to several state parks including Bryce Canyon National Park which provides visitors with breathtaking views & geological wonders that are sure to leave lasting memories. Other attractions include Panguitch Lake which offers some great fishing opportunities for those looking for an outdoor adventure; Fishlake National Forest where visitors can explore one of Utah’s most beautiful forests full of wildlife & stunning scenery; plus there are several other museums & cultural sites throughout Garfield worth checking out too.

Garfield County, Utah

History of Garfield County, Utah

Garfield County, Utah is located in the south-central portion of the state and is home to a population of 1,600 people. It was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Paiute and Ute Indians, who used the area for hunting and gathering. The first European settlers arrived in 1876 and established small settlements throughout the area. Garfield County was officially established in 1882 and named after James A. Garfield, who had recently been elected as President of the United States at that time.

The early settlers faced many challenges trying to make a living in this harsh environment; from dealing with extreme temperatures, to battling against drought or lack of water resources. Despite these challenges, they were able to establish a thriving agricultural industry by utilizing irrigation systems and cultivating various crops such as wheat, corn, hay, oats and barley. The county also developed an important mining industry due to its proximity to several valuable ore deposits including copper, lead and zinc.

In addition to agriculture and mining, tourism has always been an important part of Garfield County’s economy; from Bryce Canyon National Park which offers stunning views & geological wonders; to Fishlake National Forest which provides visitors with plenty of outdoor activities such as camping & fishing; plus Red Canyon Golf Course where golfers can enjoy a challenging round on one of Utah’s most beautiful courses.

Today, Garfield County continues to be a great place for both residents & visitors alike thanks to its diverse landscape & economic opportunities ranging from farming & mining down to tourism & recreation. Despite its small size it still plays an important role in Utah’s economy providing jobs & services for those who live here while also helping bring in tourists from all over the world.

Major cities and towns in Garfield County, Utah

Garfield County, Utah is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer a unique experience for residents and visitors alike. The county seat is Panguitch, the largest city in the county with a population of nearly 1,000 people. This charming town was founded in 1864 and has since become an important hub for both commerce and tourism. It is well-known for its historic buildings including the Old City Hall which dates back to 1895, as well as its vibrant downtown area which features numerous shops, restaurants and cultural attractions.

Other cities in Garfield County include Bryce Canyon City, Henrieville, Cannonville and Tropic. Bryce Canyon City is located just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park and serves as a gateway to this amazing natural wonder; while Henrieville boasts stunning views of the red rock formations found throughout the area. Cannonville lies at the base of Red Canyon on Highway 12, while Tropic is home to Red Canyon Golf Course – one of Utah’s most beautiful courses.

In addition to these larger towns, Garfield County also includes several smaller hamlets such as Hatch, Hatch Valley (home to Hatch Valley High School), Alton (known for its annual peach festival) and Hatch Valley Airport. Here visitors can find plenty of recreational opportunities including camping & fishing spots at Fishlake National Forest or scenic bike rides along Highway 12 – one of America’s most iconic roads.

No matter where you go in Garfield County you will find something unique & exciting waiting around every corner; from exploring amazing natural attractions to taking part in local events & activities – it truly has something for everyone.

Airports in Garfield County, Utah

According to Countryaah, Garfield County, Utah is served by two airports which offer convenient access to the region for both residents and visitors. The largest of these is Panguitch Municipal Airport, located just outside of Panguitch in the city’s downtown area. This small airport offers a variety of services including charter flights, general aviation, and cargo operations. It also serves as a hub for recreational pilots looking to explore the stunning natural beauty found throughout Garfield County.

The other airport in the county is Hatch Valley Airport, located just outside of Hatch in the southern part of Garfield County. This small airport features a single runway and serves primarily private aircraft. It also offers scenic flights over some of Utah’s most beautiful landscapes and provides convenient access to Fishlake National Forest and Red Canyon.

Both airports provide an important service for those living and visiting Garfield County; from business travelers to tourists looking to explore everything the area has to offer – they make it easy to get around without having to rely on long drives or public transportation. Whether you’re planning a vacation or just want to take in some incredible views – these airports will ensure that you have a safe & enjoyable experience while exploring this amazing part of Utah.