Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville is a small town in Madison County, Alabama in the United States, with a population of about 200,000. It is the fourth largest city in Alabama. Its history dates back to 1805, when it was founded by the first settlers. Huntsville did not acquire its current name until the British-American War in 1812, after the settler John Hunt. The river, which covers an area of ​​520 km2, flows through the Tennessee River.

One of the most attractive tourist attractions is the Marshall Space Flight Center. The city is nicknamed “Rocket City” because it has been closely associated with US space missions for many years. Since 1950, Huntsville has been an important center for the development of space technology. At the end of World War II, German scientists led by Dr. Through Operation Paperclip, Wernher von Braun brought resources to develop missile technology for the US military. The city is still the center of rocket propulsion research and is supplied with many military contracts.

Little River Canyon National Park

According to iamaccepted, Little River Canyon National Reserve is located in Lookout Mountain, near Fort Payne and DeSoto State Park, Alabama. The reserve was declared by the US Congress in 1992 on an area of 57 square kilometers and protects the flow and surroundings of the Little River. The canyon around the river was formerly called May Bay.

The Little River flows through the area and crosses the Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama. The river is considered one of the wildest and cleanest watercourses in Alabama and the southern United States. In the park today you can enjoy a lot of recreational entertainment, such as camping, fishing, hunting, hiking and much more. You will need a special permit and a hunting license to go hunting or fishing.

Camping is only allowed in remote locations in three locations: Slope Rock, Hartline’s Ford and Billy’s Ford. All campsites are located north of Little Rivers Falls. The landscape is made up of wooded highlands, you will find hidden waterfalls, cliffs, canyons, sandstone rocks and numerous boulders. The reservation thus has great conditions for all possible recreational activities. It is very popular especially with climbers, who are waiting for a lot of climbing routes of various levels of difficulty.

This special and unique place protects not only the exceptional natural resources, but also the considerable cultural heritage of the Appalachian Mountains. The area around Mouth Picnic Canyon is the perfect place for daily picnics along the water. There are picnic tables, grills, water fountains and even toilets. There is a $ 3 fee to enter this recreation area.

Huntsville, Alabama