Khibiny, Russia

Khibiny, Russia

Khibiny – low compact mountains on the Kola Peninsula with plateau-like peaks, soft relief and treeless slopes; the highest point is 1200 m, elevation changes from 500 to 1000 m. This mountain range is interesting not only for its harsh northern beauty, but also for its special opportunities for skiing. Khibiny remain snow-covered most of the year – you can ski from November to June. The rarefied arctic air brings the local climate closer to the highlands. Thanks to stable weather, good snow cover and long daylight hours, this place in April is considered one of the best places in Europe to close the ski season. See for education and training in Russia.

This mountain range is interesting not only for its harsh northern beauty, but also for its special opportunities for skiing.

The ski capital of Khibiny, the city of Kirovsk, is located 200 km from Murmansk right at the foot of the mountains. Here are the main ski resorts – on the mountains Aykuayvenchorr and Kukisvumchorr. There are also ski areas in the city of Apatity – just 12 km from Kirovsk. Equipped slopes of different difficulty levels of this oldest Russian ski resort attract all winter sports enthusiasts, both amateurs and professionals.

How to get there

The fastest way to get to the Khibiny is by plane. Regular flights link the local Apatity airport with Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Flight time 2.5 hours. You can get from the airport to Kirovsk by taxi (journey time 40 minutes, cost about 700 RUB) or by bus number 130, which is tied to flights and waits for planes in case of delay. The second option is to fly to Murmansk by plane, and then arrive in Kirovsk by intercity bus number 209 (travel time 3 hours, cost about 650 RUB). The prices on the page are for November 2021.

The Khibiny also has a well-developed railway connection. Through the station “Apatity 1” trains run to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Vologda. From Moscow to Khibiny by train, you will have to travel more than a day, and travel in a compartment will cost about 3080 RUB. From the railway station to Kirovsk can be reached by bus number 128, 131 or by taxi.


Despite the fact that Kirovsk is a small town, it will not be easy to move along its snow-covered roads on foot and even with skis. Minibuses and buses run around the city, fare: 33 RUB. The average price for a taxi: in the city – from 100 RUB, to the Kukisvumchorr microdistrict for 25 km – from 200 RUB. In high season, from the final stop of bus number 102 on the street. Minibuses run to the South Slope of the Olympic, and in the spring on weekends there is a special flight for skiers. The fare from Kirovsk to Apatity is about 70 RUB.

Khibiny Hotels

Kirovsk hotels welcome their guests all year round. In economy class hotels you can rent a room for 2000 RUB. In the sanatorium and health complex “Tirvas” you can not only stay for 2800 RUB per day, but also improve your health – there is water and mud therapy. Comfortable hotel “Gornitsa” offers its guests free WI-FI, organization of transfers, meals in the cafe-bar and use of the sauna. The cost of living in rented apartments depends on the season.

For those who plan to ride on the North slope, it is better to rent an apartment on the street. Olympic, and lovers of cross-country skiing will find accommodation in houses on the street. 50 years of October and in the sanatorium “Tirvas”.

Alpine skiing in Khibiny

The main ski areas in Khibiny are concentrated around Kirovsk. The northern slope of Mount Aikuaivenchorr is within the city limits, where the ski complex “Kolasportland” is located. On the southern slope of the same mountain there is a ski complex “Big Woodyavr” or BigWood. 25 km from the city, in the Kukisvumchorr microdistrict, on the mountain of the same name, there is a ski resort with the same name. All ski areas have trails for both beginners and professionals. The Kukisvumchorr skiing area is distinguished by long descents ranging from 2000 to 2500 m. There are freeride zones everywhere.

In case of bad weather, there are two more options – “Snow Park” in Kirovsk itself, located between the street. Leningradskaya and st. Soviet Constitution, as well as the track on Sparrow Hill in the neighboring city of Apatity. These are illuminated, gentle and safe slopes.

In the Bolshoy Vudyavr ski complex, a ski pass for 2 hours will cost from 750 RUB, for the whole day – from 1550 RUB. Children under 5 and adults over 75 are free.

  • Slopes of the Khibiny

What to bring

Souvenir shops offer ceramic plates with views of the Khibiny, paintings with imitation of petroglyphs, original geographical maps, amulets made of bone, slippers made of deer skins, Saami figurines made of leather, horns, wood and fur, as well as magnets, housekeepers and photo frames made of firewood — a tree raised from the bottom of the White Sea and specially processed. In addition to souvenirs, you can buy local pickles – cloudberry or blueberry jam, pickled lingonberries, pickled mushrooms, and dried Murmansk ruff for those passing through Murmansk.

Cafes and restaurants in Khibiny

You can warm up and have a delicious meal after a successful skiing in the non-alcoholic cafe “Chocolate”, which offers simple and hearty food – pizza, pancakes, a selection of hot dishes and salads. For visitors – milkshakes, various types of coffee and tea, cakes, pies and pastries. The prices are nice. There is a place to leave boards and skis. The restaurant “Severny” at the hotel of the same name offers, in addition to dishes of European cuisine, a separate menu with northern delicacies and treats. It includes dishes of arctic cuisine – Loparsky strudel, Lovozero venison, cod cheeks, arctic salmon soup. A 5-course business lunch is served daily from 12:00 to 15:00. At the same time, a business lunch is held at the Nikafe cafe, where there is also a bar with a full range of alcoholic beverages. In the entertainment center “Big Woodyavr” there is not only a bar-restaurant.

There are cafe-bars at all major ski points, but the choice there is small and prices are one and a half to two times higher than in the city.

Khibiny, Russia