Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

According to, Little Rock is the capital of the state of Arkansas in the United States. The city itself has a population of 202,000 and a total agglomeration of 751,000 inhabitants (2021), located in the central part of the state on the Arkansas River.


According to mcat-test-centers, the urban area is strategically located in the middle of Arkansas, on major highways and the Arkansas River, the largest river in the state after the Mississippi River. The urban area is located both north and south of the Arkansas River. The city doesn’t have that many suburbs, and most of them aren’t that big either, making it a fairly compact agglomeration. To the west and north of the city are low mountain ridges. The city is quite an important trade center for its size, and has a reasonable skyline. The city itself is spacious by European standards. In the center there are many blocks of parking spaces and office complexes, surrounded by a grid pattern with detached houses on spacious plots. Terraced houses or many apartment complexes are unknown in Little Rock. East of the center is the city’s airport. The conurbation measures 25 kilometers from east to west and 20 kilometers from north to south.

Road network

The freeways around Downtown Little Rock.

The highway network of Little Rock is well developed, most highways have 2×3 lanes. In addition, the city has a partial ring road consisting of I-430 and I-440. I-30 comes from the southwest and ends in North Little Rock, and I-40 is the east-west connection. I-630 runs east-west through the city, while I-530 runs south toward Pine Bluff. US 67 heads northeast. Most highways have 2×3 lanes, and there are quite a few connections. There are 4 major bridges over the Arkansas River, 3 of which are part of a freeway.


Construction of Arkansas’s first highway began at Little Rock, with a section of US 67 between Benton and Little Rock under construction in 1954, later becoming I-30. I-30 and I-40 were built during the 1960s and were both completed in the Little Rock area by 1968. After that, the bypasses were built, I-430 on the west side and I-440 on the east side of the city. These highways were completed in the late 1970s. The last major project in the city itself was the construction of I-630 as an east-west route through downtown. It was opened in six phases between 1969 and 1985. In 1994, State Route 440 opened north of I-40, although it was not until 2003 before it joined US 67 to Jonesboro. This was also the most recent freeway opening in the Little Rock area.


There is not much congestion in Little Rock. It can be busy on I-30 over the Arkansas River, and I-40 through the north side of town. In addition, there may be some traffic on I-630 that connects the office centers. There is quite a lot of through traffic as all long-haul east-west traffic through the city goes through I-30 and I-40. In 2016, Little Rock was ranked 62nd out of 80 US cities in the TomTom Congestion Index, with a low travel time index.

North Little Rock, Arkansas

North Little Rock
Place in the United States
Location of North Little Rock in Arkansas
Location of Arkansas in the US
County Pulaski County
Type of place City
State Arkansas
Coordinates 34° 47′ N, 92° 15′ W
Surface 143.71 km²
– country 135.55 km²
– water 8.16 km²
(434 inhabitants/km²)
Height 79 m
ZIP code(s) 72114–72119, 721124, 72190, 72199, 72114, 72116, 72117
FIPS code 50450
Downtown North Little Rock

North Little Rock is a city in the American state of Arkansas, and is administratively part of Pulaski County.


At the 2000 census, the population was set at 60,433. In 2006, the United States Census Bureau estimated the population at 58,896, a decrease of 1,537 (-2.5%).


According to the United States Census Bureau, the place covers an area of ​​121.7 km², of which 116.1 km² is land and 5.6 km² is water. North Little Rock is approximately 79 m above sea level.

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  • Allen Reynolds (1938), songwriter and music producer
  • Jason White (1973) musician

Little Rock, Arkansas