Masses to Fishing: Learn the Taste Directed for Each Species

The masses to the fishing grounds usually have flavors targeted to the fish, for each species, the fishermen will direct their masses and flavors:

Masses to Fishing Learn the Taste Directed for Each Species

Carp Loggerhead (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis): are fish caught exclusively on the masses themselves, are the masses that should crumble and form a kind of veil, because they do not put the bait directly in the mouth, they feed by filtering and prefer the flavors sweetened:

– Pasta Traditional or compressed flavors: banana and Honey, paçocão and the traditional (with roasted peanuts).

Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus): there are many contradictions about the tastes of the masses, many believe that they are the differences, other that the masses sweetened attract a few more species, some are opposed and prefer the neutral taste of the rations:

– Pasta Traditional flavors: – Flavors of Biscuit, P-40, P-45 and Biotruta, Orange and Honey, Pet of the Orange.

Round – Tambacus (Colossoma macropomum + Piaractus mesopotamicus), Pacus (Piaractus mesopotamicus) and Tambaquis (Colossoma macropomum): are species that may be fished by a multitude of baits, including the masses:

– Masses ready known popularly as “chulezinhos”, so many to the light as the dark, with flavors of cheese, with and without blood, usually present great results.

– In addition to these traditional – Carnivorous, cheese, Paçocão (carp, but great for the round), Guava. Stale bread and is floating a bait great for the round.