Meaning of ACH in English

Meaning of ACH in English

According to abbreviationfinder, American College of Heraldry is commonly known as ACH. The American College of Heraldry was founded in the late 1960s by Dr. William B. Annis and a small group of heraldic enthusiasts. It was established to promote the study and use of heraldry in the United States and to provide a forum for those who share an interest in this ancient art form. The College is made up of members from all walks of life, including scholars, educators, researchers, genealogists, historians, and amateurs who are passionate about exploring the history and symbolism behind coats of arms.

The College has grown over the years from its humble beginnings as a small group of enthusiasts to become one of the oldest and most respected organizations dedicated to heraldry in America. It offers educational resources such as lectures, seminars, workshops, symposia, publications and webinars on topics related to heraldry. Additionally, it serves as a repository for books on heraldry written by members or published by other organizations. Members also have access to an extensive library with articles covering topics such as blazoning (the description or language used in creating coats of arms) and genealogy research tools like family trees. The College also provides guidance on how to create an individual’s own coat of arms or crest that can be used in formal occasions or simply displayed as a symbol of pride.

Degrees and Programs

The American College of Heraldry offers a wide range of departments and degrees. The college’s main department is Heraldry, which offers a variety of degree programs. These include a Bachelor of Arts in Heraldry, an Associate of Arts in Heraldry, and a Master of Arts in Heraldry. Each program provides students with the opportunity to learn the history and principles behind heraldic art, as well as the technical aspects of heraldic design. Programs also include courses on research methods, the use of traditional materials, and other related topics. In addition to these core courses, students can choose from electives such as iconography and symbolism, symbolism in architecture and urban design, and family crests.

The college also offers a few specialized departments for those with more specific interests. These include Vexillology (the study of flags), Ecclesiastical Heraldry (the study of church symbols), Papyrology (the study of ancient manuscripts), Numismatics (the study of coins), Philology (the study of language) and Genealogy (the study of family histories). Students may specialize in any one or more areas through the various degree programs offered by the college. All degrees require a combination of coursework and research projects for completion. The American College also has an online presence where students can take classes remotely from anywhere in the world.


The American College of Heraldry is a professional organization dedicated to the promotion and practice of heraldry in the United States. The college was founded in 1983 and is composed of members who are recognized by the College as having expertise in the field of heraldry. The College is divided into four ranks, each with their own set of requirements and qualifications. The first rank is that of Fellow, which is reserved for individuals with a significant amount of experience in heraldry and/or related fields. The second rank is that of Associate Fellow, which requires the individual to be active in heraldic studies or activities for at least two years. The third rank is that of Member, which requires the individual to have at least one year’s experience in heraldic studies or activities. Finally, the fourth rank is that of Honorary Member, which requires no specific qualifications other than being recommended for membership by two Fellows or Associates Fellows.

In addition to its four ranks, the American College also has several awards which recognize individuals for their achievements in heraldry. These awards include the Order of Merit, which recognizes those who have shown extraordinary service to the art and science of heraldry;the Medal of Honor, which recognizes significant contributions to research and/or education;and other awards such as those recognizing excellence in research or teaching. The college also maintains an online library containing a large collection books on various aspects related to heraldry such as blazons, coats-of-arms, flags and seals among others. They also host an annual conference where members can meet fellow enthusiasts from around the country and learn more about heraldic topics from professional speakers and instructors.

Admissions Requirements

The American College of Heraldry (ACH) is a nonprofit organization that operates solely for educational and charitable purposes. Its mission is to promote the study and practice of heraldry, genealogy, and related fields. To become a member of ACH, applicants must meet certain admissions requirements. All prospective members must be at least 18 years old and have an interest in heraldry or related fields. Additionally, any applicant must have documented proof of their academic background, such as transcripts from college or university courses in the field of heraldry or related disciplines. Furthermore, applicants must provide two letters of recommendation from individuals who are knowledgeable about the applicant’s interest in heraldry or related fields. Lastly, all prospective members must submit an essay outlining their personal interest in heraldry, as well as a description of how they plan to use their ACH membership to further their knowledge in this field.

Once these requirements are met and the application is accepted by the ACH Board of Directors, new members are required to pay an annual membership fee that covers administrative costs and access to resources available through the organization. Membership also includes access to seminars given by qualified experts on topics such as blazoning (the proper way to describe a coat-of-arms), genealogy research methods, bookbinding techniques for creating family histories, among other topics. Additionally, members can participate in online discussion groups dedicated to heraldic topics and engage with other members through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Finally, the ACH also offers exclusive discounts on products related to heraldry that are only available to its members.

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