Meaning of Alfalfa in English

Meaning of Alfalfa in English

Coming from Hispanic Arabic, alfalfa is a term that is used with reference to the dogfish cultivated for forage purposes. Understanding the notion, therefore, requires knowing what spine and forage are.

Mielga is a herbaceous plant, while forage is the grass, herbs or cereals that feed cattle. This allows us to infer that alfalfa is a food that animals eat.

The idea of ​​alfalfa usually refers to Medicago sativa, a plant that is part of the family group of legumes or fabaceae. Due to its resistance to drought and its ease of cultivation, alfalfa is planted around the world for livestock to feed.

Alfalfa, in its leaves and sprouts, has various vitamins (A, C, D, E and others), iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other nutritional substances. The plant, on the other hand, can be attacked by weevils, bedbugs, and other pests, in addition to being susceptible to various diseases.

The Medicago polymorpha (alfalfa dry), the Medicago arborea (alfalfa tree) and Medicago falcata (yellow alfalfa) are other species of alfalfa. There are even plants that do not belong to the Medicago genus and that are also known as alfalfa anyway: Euphorbia peplis (apothecary’s alfalfa), Kochia scoparia (Creole alfalfa), Galega officinalis (Galician or English alfalfa), etc..

Although traditionally alfalfa has been associated only with certain animals that used it as their main sustenance, the truth is that it is much more. Specifically, since ancient times it has also been used as a medicinal resource thanks to the set of beneficial properties it has for health. Thus, it is determined that it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-hemorrhagic, antipyretic and great for relieving certain stomach ailments.

Currently, through sprouts that are thrown into salads or even through natural pills or infusions, it is common that alfalfa can be found and used within the diet. In any of these ways it is used for the benefits that it allows you to enjoy:
-It is considered that taking an infusion of this product after each meal is going to help remarkably so that the digestions are not so heavy.
-In the same way, we cannot ignore that there are those who take it because they are people prone to anemia.
-In any of its formats, alfalfa is ingested in order to achieve the feeling of tiredness and fatigue that can occur due to poor sleep, due to the change of season, due to a lot of work…
-Those who have liquid retention problems do not hesitate to include it in their diet, since it is considered to be very useful to deal with them.
Alfalfa is also used to end cases of dermatitis, to end fever and even to deal with menstruation pain.

Alfalfa, finally, is a county in the state of Oklahoma, a town in Oregon and a neighborhood in Seville (Spain).