Meaning of Alphabet in English

Meaning of Alphabet in English

The term alphabet derives from the Latin word alphabētum, which in turn has its origin in the first letters of the Greek language: alpha and beta. An alphabet is formed by the symbols that are used within the framework of a system that allows communication.

Precisely the Greek alphabet is made up of a total of 24 letters and is considered to date from the 9th century BC. It seems that the Greeks were inspired or started, to a certain extent, from the one created by the Phoenicians to shape theirs, which gives I start with the letter alpha and it ends with the omega.

The concept is used as a synonym for alphabet: the ordered succession of letters of a language. The Latin alphabet, also known as the Roman alphabet, is the one used in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and other languages.

The Latin alphabet is composed of 26 main characters, beginning with A and ending with Z. Depending on the language, certain letters are added: in Spanish, for example, the letter Ñ must be added. It should be noted that the alphabets are modified over time. Previously, the Latin alphabet used in Spanish-speaking countries included the letters CH and LL, which were later eliminated.

There are alphabets that transcend conventional writing. The braille can be considered as a method or an alphabet. It is the reading and writing system created by Louis Braille for individuals with blindness, which is developed with raised dots that people must touch to recognize the signs.

The alphabet or morse code, on the other hand, is made up of signals that are emitted intermittently. Created from telegraphic signals that are recognized as dots or stripes depending on their duration, this alphabet allows you to find the equivalence between the signal and traditional letters.

In the same way, we cannot forget either what is known as an alphabet by words. It is a system in which each word represents a letter and is used as a means of communication between two or more people through the radio or the like. Specifically, given its accuracy, it is used above all in the field of navigation, both at air and even at sea. Precisely one example of this is the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) alphabet.

To all the above we can add that a dangerous game has now become fashionable among Primary children that responds to the game name of the alphabet or the alphabet. It consists of a minor beginning to say the alphabet of their language out loud and with each letter of the same express a word. All this must be done while another child is dedicated, with his nails or a sharp object, to making wounds on the back of his hands.

It is an activity that parents and school groups are very concerned about because it is considered that it can be used as a bullying tool.