Meaning of Alphanumeric in English

The adjective alphanumeric is used to describe what is made up of numbers, letters and other types of symbols. Specifically, the notion refers to the combination of letters of the Roman alphabet (also called Latin alphabet), Arabic numerals and other characters.

The alphanumeric concept is often used in the field of computing. The alphanumeric keyboard, in this framework, is the peripheral that allows information to be entered into a computer through keys that are pressed or pressed. If a person wants to type the phrase “Russia World Cup 2018” in a word processor, for example, they can use the alphanumeric keyboard on their computer and press the following series of keys: C, O, P, A, D, E, L, M, U, N, D, O, R, U, S, I, A, 2, 0, 1, 8.

To access various computer systems, on the other hand, it is necessary to enter a password. That is what a person who wants to enter the inbox of their email or who intends to carry out a bank transaction through the Internet should do. In general, companies recommend that the user choose an alphanumeric key (that is, that it combines letters and numbers) since, in this way, it increases the possible combinations of symbols and the key is more difficult to violate. If the key of an email is “hello”, it can be easily discovered by a hacker compared to another key that is “gRi49rs6P”.

Specifically, when obtaining an alphanumeric password, it is important to take into account a series of recommendations given by computer experts. We are referring to the following:
-It must have at least 8 digits.
-It is important that the combination of letters and numbers is not clearly identified with the person who created it. That is, it does not have the initials of your name and your date of birth, for example. And is that this would make it a really easy key to be violated.
-In the event that, in order to be easily remembered, you wish to establish an alphanumeric password with personal details, it is recommended to place special characters between the letters and numbers. We are referring, for example, to the “%”, the “#” or the dollar symbol. If it is recommended to do so, it is because it is determined that with these characters it will be more difficult to decipher the password.
-Of course, it is advisable not to always use the same alphanumeric key for everything. That is to say, that it is not used for the email account, social networks, access to the bank account… So if one is discovered, the risk that the pirate can access any of those spaces of the owner is avoided of the key.
-In regards to letters, computer experts advise combining both uppercase and lowercase letters.
-It is also advisable to change the alphanumeric keys from time to time so that any personal space is protected.

The base 36 alphanumeric system is the most widely used: it uses the 26 main letters of the Latin alphabet (from A to Z) and the 10 digits of the Arabic numeration (from 0 to 9).