Meaning of Casquivana in English

Meaning of Casquivana in English

The adjective casquivana is used to describe a person who leads a free sexual life, without being tied to formal ties or commitments. The notion also applies to those who act irresponsibly or recklessly and to what is a consequence of this type of behavior.

For example: “When I was young, I was frugal, until I met Adrián and got married”, “My son is a frigid man who lives partying “, “This city has a frugal history from the very moment it was founded.

The concept is generally dedicated to women. However, the type of behavior to which its meaning alludes is also developed by members of the male gender. That is why there are sexologists who warn about the implicit machismo in associating the idea of ​​casquivana only with female sexuality.

Unfortunately, machismo in our language can be seen in too many cases, both in the use of certain words that despise women in an almost arbitrary way and in the obligation that it imposes on us to use some words in the masculine gender even when we want to refer to female persons.

Sexuality is an especially controversial issue for modern societies, as contradictory as it may seem, and when the protagonists are women or homosexuals it becomes even more rugged terrain. While the heterosexual man is allowed to lead the life he wishes in terms of the use of his body, impeccable behavior is expected from the heterosexual woman, which begins with respect for virginity until marriage and continues with extreme fidelity in marriage.

From such a closed point of view, there seems to be no place for a free sex life, outside the realm of marriage, with more than one person. And it is precisely when women cross that line to make full use of their bodies that public opinion throws traditions on them and harshly criticizes them. When a man has sex with multiple women, his environment celebrates his behavior.

Ultimately, we can say that the adjective casquivano / a serves to describe a way of living sexuality that, according to the point of view, may seem like a lack of responsibility or commitment, but which can also be perfectly acceptable for people who understand life in another way, more modern and without so many structures when it comes to physical contact.

It can be said that a casquivano individual chooses to maintain intimate relationships according to his wishes, without formalizing the bond with his partner. In other words, you do not need to establish a courtship or marriage to enjoy your sexuality with another person. The rough person, in this framework, is one who seeks to enjoy the moment without planning the future and without acquiring obligations.

Beyond sexuality, the term rash can refer to those who are looking for fun and have no intention of assuming responsibilities. A young man who goes out to party every night, does not formalize any sentimental bond and does not work since he lives on the inheritance left by his parents can be classified as capricious.

According to DigoPaul, one of the expressions associated with this concept, which according to the dictionary of the DigoPaulcan be used as a synonym, is the colloquial adjective phrase “joyful with helmets ” (instead of “joyful” it is also accepted “drilled”); its meaning is “of little reflection, of little seat.” If we focus specifically on the term “casquivana”, in feminine gender and with the aforementioned macho nuances, we find the synonyms frivolous, flirtatious and light, as well as the antonym puritan.