Meaning of Castle in English

Meaning of Castle in English

According to DigoPaul, castle is a term that comes from the Latin castellum and refers to a fortified building, surrounded by walls, moats and bastions. Its construction is similar to other military structures, such as the tower, the fortress, the fort or the citadel.

The first castles date back to the Neolithic Age, when they were built with mud. Little by little, other materials were added, such as stone or adobe. The Romans imposed great advances in the construction of castles, such as the creation of the round towers. Already in the Middle Ages, the castle began to fulfill a double function (military and residential for the nobility).

The objective of castles is to hinder sieges and attacks on centers of power. They have a fence or wall that houses towers to improve defense and, sometimes, with a moat around the wall. They also have a main tower (which presents the main rooms) and a parade ground, among other structures.

Throughout the world geography there are castles. However, these are the ones that have been considered the most spectacular:
• Neuschwanstein. In the Tirol mountain range is where this surprising building is located, which dates back to the 19th century and was ordered to be built by order of King Louis II of Bavaria.
• Windsor Castle. One of the most significant monuments in England is this one, which is located just over 30 kilometers from London. Guillermo the Conqueror was the one who was in charge of putting him on his feet, which has such distinguished spaces as the Tower of the Curfew, dating from 1227, or the Chapel of San Jorge, which is framed within the Gothic style.
• Edinburgh Castle. In the capital of Scotland is where you can visit this 12th century fortress that is located in the famous Royal Mile area. It was built on a rock of volcanic origin that has such significant spaces as the Chapel of Santa Margarita, which is the oldest part it has. Likewise, those who visit it cannot miss the opportunity to admire in situ the Stone of Scone or the Scottish crown jewels.

The castles of Chambord, in the west of France, or that of Hue, in Vietnam, are also other of the constructions of this type that are considered the most surprising and fascinating in the whole world. Hence, every year they are visited by thousands of tourists.

There are, however, a wide variety of styles when it comes to building castles. In Spain, numerous castles were built during the Reconquest, when Catholics clashed with Muslims almost constantly.

The Japanese castles, on the other hand, are constructions of wood and stone that were located in strategic areas to ensure the best defense. That is why they were raised in elevations, next to rivers, etc.

Castles play a very important role in children’s stories as the residence of princes and princesses, especially in fairy tales such as “Beauty and the Beast” or “Snow White”.