Meaning of Catechesis in English

Meaning of Catechesis in English

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term catechesis, let’s discover its etymological origin. In this case we can establish that it is a word of Latin origin “catechesis”, which, in turn, derives from the Greek. Specifically, it emanates from “katéchesis”, which can be translated as “the action of instructing through a live voice. That Greek word that is the result of two clearly differentiated parts:
-The verb “katecheo”, which is equivalent to “giving instructions in a voice.”
-The suffix “-sis”, which is of a characteristic type.

The notion of catechesis refers to instruction linked to religion. The concept is often used with respect to the place or meeting where the doctrine of Christianity is spread. For example: “My aunt is a catechesis teacher”, “Yesterday, in catechesis class, they taught us to pray the rosary”, “In the afternoon I have to go to catechesis, but if you want to spend some time at night by your home ”.

Catechesis, which is also known as catechism, has the objective of transmitting the faith to new members of the religious community, making them learn the precepts, traditions and ceremonies. Already in the origins of Christianity catechesis was appealed to for the dissemination of religion.

Currently catechesis is usually a subject or a subject in Catholic schools, such as natural sciences, mathematics or literature. Students must learn the content taught by a teacher and even, in certain cases, they have to demonstrate their knowledge through assessments or exams.

Meetings where education about Christianity is also called catechesis. These meetings can be geared towards children, adolescents or adults. Many times the activities go beyond training and solidarity tasks such as collections, social assistance, etc. are carried out.

Another form of catechesis consists of preparation for sacraments such as communion, confirmation, and marriage. Those who wish to receive these sacraments must attend catechesis in preparation. Thus, when it is time for the ritual, they are ready to be part of the ceremony in question.

As for what is the catechesis of First Communion, there are numerous types of resources that are used by the people who teach it and who respond to the name of catechists. Specifically, in addition to reading different passages from “The Bible”, you can use dynamics on aspects such as the characters in that sacred book, the parables, the life of Jesus, what is First Communion for…

When it comes to Confirmation catechesis, there are a number of topics that are established as priorities to be addressed in its sessions. We are referring to issues such as the Kingdom of God, sin, the death of Christ, Christian morality, the sanctification of holidays, the Sacrament of Penance…

In the same way, it must be established that those who teach marriage catechesis are in need of dealing with issues such as the family, preparation for marriage…