Meaning of Catering in English

Meaning of Catering in English

The concept of catering is part of the English language but, anyway, it is also accepted by the DigoPaul. Catering is called the service that consists of preparing and / or serving drinks and food at an event, a public place or a means of transport.

For example: “We have not yet defined where we will hire the wedding catering”, “The State pays hundreds of thousands of pesos per month for catering for the employees of the various government agencies”, “The Literature Congress will offer catering to all the assistants ”.

According to DigoPaul, catering consists of a food service for a more or less large group of people. Whoever offers the catering serves a certain type and quantity of food that has already been stipulated: that is, unlike a restaurant, each individual cannot choose the dish or menu they want.

In addition to all the above, we can point out that there are various types of catering. Specifically, these are the most significant:
-Catering at home, which is identified by the fact that it leads the customer to deliver the food requested in their own home.
-Mobile catering. This responds to its name because it is developed having a mobile unit that is the one that moves from one place to another to be able to offer the services it provides in the places where it is required. A unit in which all the established resources will be available and in which the set of employees who shape it will perform their functions.
-Catering for special events.
-Catering for companies, which is focused on carrying out meals for professional meetings, conventions, events, presentations…
-School catering, which is specialized in what are kindergarten, school, institute or university canteens, for example.

At a birthday party, to cite one case, the catering can consist of sandwiches as a starter, pizza as a main dish, and ice cream as a dessert. In some cases the food is brought to the table by waiters, while in others it is placed on a large table and people must come to serve themselves.

The events of presentation or launch of a show or an artistic work; congresses, meetings, conferences or fairs related to the business field; and art exhibition openings often have catering. It is a treat for all those who come to participate in the activity in question.

When selecting a catering it is important to take into account the following aspects:
-It must be specialized in the type of event or appointment for which it is needed.
-They must have experience and their professionalism, commitment and seriousness must be contrasted.
-No less relevant is that it must offer a menu that is made with the highest quality raw materials and even seasonal products.
-It must also be established that you also have to bet on a catering that offers alternative dishes for people who have allergies or food intolerances.