Meaning of Caudal in English

Meaning of Caudal in English

Caudal is a term that has two different etymological roots. When it comes from the Latin capitālis (that is, “capital”), it can be used to identify the estate (understood as the set or accumulation of wealth), money or financial capital.

Based on this use of the concept, there are other related notions. A safe, for example, is a private enclosure often referred to as a safe (the security compartment for storing valuables and which is very difficult for those without authorization to open). A bulk truck, on the other hand, is the armored vehicle that is reserved for the transport of large sums of money and other valuables.

In this sense, of flow as a synonym for goods, we must underline the fact that the term is used very often in a colloquial way to refer to the amount of money or possessions that an individual in question has. Thus, for example, it can be said: “Miguel had a good economic position, it was commented that he had an important wealth as a result of inheritances and his work.”

And all this without forgetting the existence of what is known as relic flows, which are those that a person has left after his death took place.

The flow, also, is also the amount or level of a certain substance that passes through a certain place during a certain period of time. For example: “Be careful: this river has a very important flow and can be dangerous”, “I think there is a problem in the pipe since I opened the tap and we have little water flow”.

In a similar sense, computing appeals to the concept of flow to refer to the capacity of the bandwidth (the greater the flow of information, the more space is occupied).

The second etymological origin of caudal has its origin in the Latin cauda and points to that which is associated with or refers to the tail. The caudates or salamanders belong to the order Caudata and are amphibians that are characterized by having tails of pronounced development.

In this field of zoology we have to emphasize that the concept of caudal is also usually associated with the word eagle. In this way, when talking about the caudal eagle, what is being done is referring to the well-known golden eagle, one of the most important birds of prey that exist in the whole world that is characterized because it can reach a diving speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour.

To all the aforementioned, it must also be added that the term we are dealing with is used as an integral part of a verbal locution: making someone’s head. In this case, what comes to be expressed with it is that a person in question has appreciation and good esteem for another. Thus, for example, it could be said: “Eva made use of Maria because she had always been by her side, supporting her and because she knew of her good qualities.”

In astronomy, caudates are comets whose tails can be seen through vision. The star Gamma Hydrae is often known as the tail of Hydra because of the location within its constellation.