Meaning of Competition in English

Meaning of Competition in English

What is Competition?

competition is a dispute or contention between two or more people who pursue or aspire to the same thing. The word, as such, comes from the Latin competentĭa.

In this sense, as competition we also refer to the rivalry that is created between two or more people or sides when all the parties try to achieve the same thing: “The competition between them is fierce”.

By extension, as competition you can also call the person, side or rival group : “Watch out for Manuel, I think he is working for the competition.”

Competition, on the other hand, can also refer to the degree of concern of someone in a certain matter or business: “The subject of your love relationships is not my concern.”

Competency can also refer to someone’s expertise, ability or aptitude to perform a certain task or to intervene in a specific matter: “You demonstrated that you have the competence to be in this position.”

Competition in Economics

In Economics, competition is called the situation of rivalry that occurs between two or more companies in the same market that are selling or offering the same product or service, and who fight, with all the available legal and honest mechanisms, to obtain a satisfactory market share in relation to its claims.

Competition in sport

In Latin America, competition refers to the practice of some sports discipline in which different competitors or teams compete with each other in search of the same objective: to obtain the championship.

Linguistics Proficiency

In Linguistics, competence refers to the set of knowledge and skills that enable a person to be able to communicate properly and produce an infinite number of grammatically correct sentences.

Jurisdiction in Law

In law, jurisdiction refers to the authority that a judge or some other authority is legitimately invested in the knowledge, intervention and resolution of a matter.

What is Competition