Meaning of Complexity in English

Meaning of Complexity in English

What is Complexity?

As complexity that which has defined the quality of resort . As such, the concept of complexity refers to something that is made up of different interrelated elements. The word, in this sense, derives from “complex”, which in turn comes from the Latin complexus, past participle of complecti, which means ‘to link’.

Complexity, as such, refers to complex systems, that is, systems composed of a series of elements that are related to each other and whose behavior and properties are not evident to the naked eye. In this way, complex systems are the result of an intricate network of simple operations.

In everyday language, the word complexity is also usual to mean that something is very complicated, tangled or difficult: “The complexity of preparing a Bolognese sauce is not so great.” In this sense, it can be used as a synonym for complicationdifficultyentanglement or confusion.

Complexity as such is a notion used in different areas of knowledge, such as philosophy, science, sociology, computer science, mathematics, etc.

Computational complexity

As computational complexity is called, in computer science , a branch of theoretical computer which is responsible for the classification of computer problems, according to the degree of difficulty that these present. According to this, a problem constitutes a high degree of complexity if for its solution it is necessary to apply a significant series of computational resources, regardless of the algorithm used.

Organizational complexity

The complexity can also be understood from an organizational point of view as a vast network of interrelated tasks and processes that are shared within a group of people in order to achieve certain objectives. In this sense, the fulfillment of the tasks of each of the elements within the system guarantees its operation and effectiveness.

What is Complexity