Meaning of Cone in English

Meaning of Cone in English

You have to go to Greek to know the etymological origin of the term cone. And it is that it derives from “konos”, which later became Latin as “conus” and which can be translated as “geometric body”.

In the field of geometry, a geometric figure that is limited by the plane that makes a cut to a closed conical surface is called a cone.

A conical surface, for its part, is a ruled surface : it is produced by the displacement of a straight line (the generatrix) over one or more curves (the guidelines). In the specific case of the conical surface, it is one that is composed of the lines that have a common point (called vertex) and that intersect a circle that is not in the same plane.

When we talk about a cone, we usually refer to the circular and right cone : a figure that occurs when a right triangle revolves around one of its legs. According to, the base of the cone is the circle that makes up the other leg, while the vertex is the point where the generatrices meet.

In this type of geometric figure we have to point out that several more parts can be clearly differentiated, in addition to those already mentioned, such as the following:
-The axis, which is the fixed type leg around which the triangle rotates.
-The height, which is the distance from the vertex to the base.
-The generatrix, which becomes the hypotenuse of the right triangle.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is also what is known as a truncated cone. This is the term used to refer to the geometric body that results from cutting what is a cone by means of a plane parallel to the base and then separating what is the part that has the vertex.

This truncated cone has several important elements such as the generatrix, the height, the minor radius and also the major radius.

For botany, the cone is the fruit that conifers bear. Also called pineapple, it is a structure that has an axis and numerous reproductive leaves arranged in a helical manner on it.

In the field of biology, the photosensitive cells found in the retina of vertebrate animals are called cones. This denomination is linked to the shape of its external sector.

Another element known as a cone is the plastic object that is placed on the streets and highways (routes) to order traffic in the event of certain contingencies, such as an accident or the development of works.

Likewise, we can highlight that the image of that cone used on roads and construction sites is precisely the one that identifies a computer program known as Avast. Specifically, it is an antivirus that manages to keep any computer free of viruses and threats of various types.

Meaning of Cone in English