Meaning of Crowded in English

Meaning of Crowded in English

In Spain, an official tool issued by an authority to provide proof of something is called attestation. Through a report, a criminal case can be initiated, since it works as a preliminary stage to the formation of a summary and allows mentioning the different procedures that are carried out to find out information about a crime.

The statement may include statements, information on the circumstances of the events and details of the actions carried out in the process. A report is considered to have a judicial value identical to that of a complaint; on the other hand, in some cases it can serve as evidence in court.

In short, a report brings together the actions that the police carry out to investigate a public crime, verify its commission, discover those responsible and make the evidence available to Justice.

In order to achieve unanimity with regard to the drafting of police reports, a series of basic and common rules have been established with respect to them. Among the most significant are the following:
-If there are errors, deletions are not allowed under any circumstances. Any clarification will be made using the parentheses.
-All the pages that give form to this statement must have a stamp, that of the police station that processes the aforementioned document, in addition to the signature of the person signing it and the secretary.

A police report always has a fundamental value to be able to clarify a case and a crime. However, where it plays an essential role is in traffic accidents. It will include key elements to be able to resolve what happened and that the corresponding responsibilities can be clarified:
-The registration of the vehicles that have been involved.
-The personal data of the individuals in the case.
-The time the accident occurred and the specific place where it took place.
-If there were braking tracks on the asphalt or other obstacles are visible on the road.
-The existence or not of traffic signs.
-The photographs of the place where the event occurred as well as those that show the consequences of the same, material and human.

Attested, on the other hand, is a conjugation of the verb to attest, which can be used to refer to filling in something or to locate an excessive amount of things, elements or units in a place.

Something that is crowded, in this framework, has its full capacity : “This place is crowded with people! We’d better go elsewhere ”, “ The airport is crowded at the moment as there are many flights suspended due to bad weather conditions ”, “ The desk full of papers is proof that the prosecutor was working late into the night ”.

It can be said that a football stadium packed with spectators, a beach full of bathers and a table covered with food are “crowded”.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that it is also established that crowded is a word that can be used as an adjective to refer to someone being very stubborn.