Meaning of Dandruff in English

Meaning of Dandruff in English

The dandruff is the set of crusts or scales of dead cells of the skin to accumulate on the scalp. These scales are white in color and can cause various discomfort to the person.

It is important to note that it is normal for dead skin to form these scabs. However, in certain cases, the accumulation of dandruff becomes excessive due to various pathologies and generates irritation and itching. In addition, when an individual with a lot of dandruff scratches, they can injure themselves and suffer an infection.

The natural formation of dandruff is due to the growth of the skin. This causes the epidermal cells to be moved out of the skin, where they die. When, for some reason, this cell renewal develops very quickly, the level of dandruff increases excessively.

In general, the increase in dandruff on the scalp is due to the action of a fungus that is dedicated to metabolizing human fat. The proliferation of this fungus affects the normal renewal of cells.

Overactive sebaceous glands, stress, some allergies, certain shampoos and tinctures, ultraviolet rays, dust and even very cold and dry weather can cause an increase in dandruff. To reduce dandruff, the use of shampoos with active ingredients such as ketoconazole, salicylic acid and selenium sulfide and the adoption of a diet rich in zinc (present in nuts, pork and other foods) is recommended.

With regard to the consequences of dandruff in daily life, these are diverse, depending on the age of the person and the area in which they relate to society. Dandruff usually appears during adolescence, along with other disorders that affect physical appearance, such as acne and obesity; At that age, a problem of this type can be very difficult to overcome, given the cruelty of the school environment.

Generally, no one likes to be seen as a “dirty person” and dandruff often gives that image, even if it has nothing to do with hygiene. If to this we add the typical pressures of adolescence, a stage in which human beings begin to come into contact with our sexuality and we want to feel attractive, dandruff can become a great nightmare that affects our self-esteem in a very negative way.

Faced with a case of recurrent and very evident dandruff, each person favors different methods, some more effective than others; however, not everyone chooses to document themselves responsibly, and they often make matters worse by making decisions such as washing their heads in very hot water or several times a day.

Some of the home remedies to treat dandruff are as follows:

* Prepare an infusion with boiled water and dandelion branches, let it rest for a few minutes and drink. A dose of three times a day is recommended until the situation improves;

* Horsetail also seems to be very effective in the fight against dandruff, and with this plant you can prepare another infusion. To do this, you should apply a tablespoon per cup of water and drink once a day;

* The massage on the scalp with certain natural products can be very beneficial to treat a case of dandruff. The cypress branches offer very good results: just add a bunch in a liter of water and cook for a few minutes, let it cool and apply the mixture on the head after the usual washing with gentle but constant movements.