Meaning of Demonstration in English

Meaning of Demonstration in English

Establishing the etymological origin of the word demonstration has to take us to go to Latin and it derives from “demonstratio”. This is a term that is composed of several Latin elements:

  • The prefix “de-“, which is used to indicate a separation.
  • The verb “monstrare”, which can be translated as “to show”.
  • The suffix “-cion”, which is used as an indication of an action and its effect

Indicate, point out, show or verify something supposes an action that is known as demonstrating. This activity and its effects are called a demonstration.

It is possible to use the idea of ​​demonstration to name a manifestation or an exhibition of something. For example: “In another demonstration of their power, the Spanish team overwhelmed the Italian and won a new edition of the European Championship”, “I think that driving a similar vehicle in a poor neighborhood is an obscene demonstration of wealth “, ” I will not tolerate another indecent display in this assembly hall. ”

Within the field of philosophy, the term that concerns us now is used with some frequency and with various meanings. Specifically, we can establish that it is used to indicate these three aspects:

  • The verification of either a theory or a particular principle. That is something that would be done by carrying out a series of experiments or through certain facts that are considered true.
  • The end of what would become a deductive procedure.
  • The proof of something concrete. In this case, it will be carried out based on what is considered to be obvious and universal truths.

This term is also often used on an emotional level, in phrases such as “demonstration of affection”, “affection”, “trust” or “loyalty”, for example, to reinforce the meaning of a certain event that leaves evidence of the feelings of one person towards another. ” What you did for me was a true demonstration of loyalty, and I will never forget it “, ” His demonstration of affection was so moving that no one could hold back the tears “.

On a sentimental level, it is considered that, within any couple, it is essential that there be demonstrations of love. And it is that those carried out by one of the two members of the same makes the other feel safe, confident and loved within the relationship.

Among the most common and important demonstrations are dedicating time to the other person, preparing a weekend getaway, organizing a romantic dinner at home, giving them a surprise gift of flowers…

A talent show can take place in any discipline, although this phrase is often used to talk about artists and athletes, since they carry out activities that are easily perceived by the general public; Although this does not mean that we are all able to understand the nuances of a dance movement, or the technical demands of an embellishment in a piece of music, at least we know when it comes to things that we could not do and that positively impacts us.

A demonstration, on the other hand, can be that which proves or evidences a certain thing. Through demonstrations, therefore, theories or hypotheses can be verified. It is common for demonstrations to be carried out through experiments or laboratory tasks.

Mathematical proofs are made up of logical reasoning that proceeds from a hypothesis to a statement. Each of these steps must be supported by deduction or some other method. It is possible to distinguish between different types of proofs that are often used in mathematics, such as contraposition, reductio ad absurdum, mathematical induction, and strong induction.

Finally, the demonstration can also be a sales tactic to demonstrate the quality or usefulness of a product. The vendor who boards a train to offer a set of scissors, to cite one possibility, can demonstrate his products and cut paper, cardboard and plastic in front of passengers. Observing its effectiveness, many people can convince themselves that they should take advantage of the opportunity and acquire the scissors in question.

Depending on how innovative a product is, different strategies are carried out to show it to potential buyers, taking into account variables such as: what audience it is aimed at; which of its features may be familiar and which should be carefully explained; what type of demonstration can be more effective, either in person, through the media, allowing the public to try it directly or making a presentation by specially trained personnel.

In certain cases, large companies decide to opt for a demonstration in which the public tries their products for themselves, with the guidance of a person trained for the occasion. This usually happens with very well finished products, with real potential, that do not need makeup to captivate consumers, and that is why it is not so common. In general, the aim is to impress on the minds of potential buyers what they will feel when using it, why they need to buy it, although the reality was considerably different from the advertising campaign .