Meaning of Dialog Booking in English

Meaning of Dialog Booking in English

Batch posting

Have you ever heard of a batch booking ? For most entrepreneurs, accounting is something of a red rag. If you can only somehow try to have someone else do your bookkeeping. But this is always possible not only for reasons of cost. An entrepreneur should know that processes can also be used in bookkeeping that save time. A very good example of this is batch bookkeeping . What exactly is behind this and what needs to be considered when making a batch booking will be examined in more detail in the following article.

What is a batch posting?

In IT-supported batch accounting , the batch booking represents a booking that is initially only recorded and is not saved in a journal or accounts in the first step. When defining batch posting, one can speak of an organizational form of data acquisition . The recording of a batch booking is recorded in the booking mask, but is only subject to a kind of temporary storage there in a batch . In any case, there is no booking at the beginning. Once a batch booking has been recorded, it can be corrected, checked or deleted. A posting is only made in the journal when these steps have been completed. The aim of a batch booking is always to have a certain form of data entry to be observed. A batch booking may be necessary for bookings that have related content and are to be coordinated jointly (this applies, for example, to incoming and outgoing invoices on one day or in the case of cash movements in a certain period of time).

Good to know:

According to wholevehicles, these bookings are recorded in a so-called batch booking file , where they are checked, logged or corrected. Only then are they posted.

Difference between batch booking and dialog booking

In EDP-supported bookkeeping you will inevitably come across the term dialog booking. This is the exact opposite of a batch posting . But what exactly is the difference between the batch booking and the dialog booking?

  • Batch booking: Each batch booking can be corrected or deleted
  • Dialog booking: With a dialog booking, only one cancellation is possible

If a dialog booking is used in the EDP-supported bookkeeping, there is a separate booking mask here.

Dialog booking

As already described in the section above, the dialog booking is the opposite of a batch booking. In accounting, this term is to be understood as a booking that is carried out immediately and immediately to the relevant accounts. But that also means that it can neither be corrected nor deleted. An invoice correction is only possible if an identical and reverse posting is initiated. As a rule, however, all current accounting programs at this time have a cancellation function. This enables a cancellation invoice to be issued quickly . In addition, it is important to know that the principles of proper bookkeeping are always followed when making a dialogue booking are important.


The terms batch booking and dialog booking come from batch accounting . The batch booking is a very specific form of organization which is used for data acquisition and booking . When talking about a dialog booking, this is the exact opposite of the batch booking. While a batch booking can be corrected or deleted, only a cancellation is possible with a dialog booking .

Dialog Booking